Business users rely on multiple SaaS applications every day, but do you know how the service is performing? When there is a problem, how do you know where to start troubleshooting? Is the problem in your domain, with the WAN supplier or with the SaaS provider?

Use TruView Live to test and monitor business user access and response time to SaaS applications, as well as your on-premise or cloud based apps. This SaaS application monitoring solution includes visual dashboards that isolate the problem source so you can resolve issues quickly.

Application and Web Monitoring; SaaS, Cloud, and On Premise

Quickly check the current availability and performance of applications or use time intervals to monitor performance and generate a performance history. Set thresholds of acceptable network and application performance for each measurement and receive alerts when exceeded.


  • End user experience with applications and web sites
  • Identifies problem domain across application, network and server infrastructure


  • Performs HTTP and HTTPS tests


  • Application availability
  • DNS delay
  • Network delay
  • Client delay
  • Application delay
  • Server delay