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The Truth About 802.11ac Wave-2 Technology

We’re now half way through the sales cycle of 802.11ac Wave-2 APs. Where are those 4x4:4 clients we were promised? Why is nobody using 160MHz channels? What about the value that MU-MIMO was supposed to deliver? So far, Wave-2 has failed to deliver on the marketed promises and will soon be replaced with the new 802.11ax technology. What is preventing customers from realizing the value of Wave-2, as marketed by AP manufacturers? Have the vendors finally been caught red-handed in their mis-marketing of a technology? Join Devin Akin as he shares the facts about Wave-2 technology.

Devin Akin Bio:

  • 15+ years of innovative experience in Wi-Fi
  • Named to the TWW Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts list for 2014
  • Co-founder/CTO, The CWNP Program (, 2001-2009
  • Chief Wi-Fi Architect, Aerohive Networks 2009-2013
  • Network Architect, Evangelist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Blogger
  • Advisor to most Wi-Fi manufacturers at some point since 2001

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