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802.11ac Wi-Fi technology standard addresses challenges that apply tremendous stress on the Wi-Fi network - high density environments, BYOD proliferation and bandwidth intensive applications such as video streaming - by delivering Gigabit speeds. This is achieved with 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard by building on technologies such as MIMO, beamforming, channel bonding and many more that were first introduced in 802.11n.

For those organizations whose end users rely on the unencumbered flow of digital information – the promise of mobility is welcome. The reality for IT departments in these “borderless enterprises” is their lack of visibility across the entire network – on premise, cloud, and wireless environments – quickly overshadows the business benefits when things go wrong.

The explosive popularity of consumer devices has shown no sign of slowing. In 2013, smart phones are expected to be used as the leading device for consumers to connect to the internet. By 2015, tablet PC connectivity is expected to outpace laptops. It is no surprise that these devices are increasingly being brought into the workplace and used to perform both business critical functions as well as private user tasks.