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AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO

Locate, Analyze & Troubleshoot Wireless Access Point Performance

airmagnet wifi access point analyzer

Solve WiFi Access Point Issues with Zero Downtime

  • Detect Rouge Access Points
    Lock onto rogue or policy-violating APs and find their physical locations. Receive alerts for wireless intrusions & Wi-Fi hack attempts
  • Throughput/Iperf AP Tool
    Run a performance test on any AP in your environment to measure bandwidth. Test WiFi access points under various stress scenarios
  • Access Point Monitoring & Analysis
    Analyze conversations between WiFi access points and stations. Locate every wireless access point in the network and monitor AP health
  • Access Point Troubleshooting
    Troubleshoot AP issues faster with a suite of tools. Resolve roaming, connectivity, interference, & a host of other problems
  • WLAN Client Roaming Analysis
    End users can monitor voice delays and other statistics as phones roam from one AP to another in the middle of a conversation
This is a view only demo based on a previously captured trace file. For a fully functioning evaluation of the product or additional information, please call 408-585-6400 (US/Canada) or 978-320-2150 (other locations) or email [email protected]

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