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AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO

Analyze WiFi Signal Strength & Improve WiFi Connectivity

airmagnet wifi signal strength

Solve Common Enterprise WiFi Signal Strength Issues

  • Test WiFi Signal Strength
    Valuable signal strength graphs provide critical pointers to issues that are compromising WLAN performance
  • Diagnose Common Wireless Issues
    Determine the root cause of WiFi problems, such as throughput and connectivity issues, signal multipath issues, roaming issues and device conflicts
  • Improve WiFi Connectivity & Performance
    A complete suite of active WiFi troubleshooting tools quickly pinpoints and solves slow user connections or issues with users who are unable to connect to the enterprise network
  • Resolve Wireless Network Interference
    An interference status indicator lists the overall interference status for each Wi-Fi channel, calculated based on the Wi-Fi interference score for the devices contributing to the interference
  • Detect & Troubleshoot BYOD
    Detect smart phones and tablets that connect to the network to troubleshoot and resolve issues caused by these devices
This is a view only demo based on a previously captured trace file. For a fully functioning evaluation of the product or additional information, please call 408-585-6400 (US/Canada) or 978-320-2150 (other locations) or email [email protected]

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