Visual TruView™ - UpTime Select

Visual UpTime- for Enterprises and Managed Service Providers

Unified Network, VoIP, and Application Remote Site Monitoring
Focused on triage and mean time to identify

The UpTime remote probe (virtual or hardware) is managed with TruView spanning the entire delivery infrastructure for complex, multi-site, enterprise MPLS architectures. Visual UpTime can be used as a self -managed solution by private enterprises with a distributed network environment and multiple data centers; as well as a Managed Service, offered by many of the top global service providers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Level 3, and XO Communications. Managed Service providers host the TruView UpTime server in their cloud while managing, maintaining, and providing a collaborative view into the solution for the enterprise. Other managed options includes enterprise hosting within their private data center and the service provider managing the system.



Remote site monitoring with UpTime Analysis Service Element (ASEs) are a multi-faceted, economical solution capable of triaging network, application, and VoIP problems in real time. Maximizing your network performance while rolling out new mission critical applications can be viewed in real time (within 5 second) and historically for capacity planning and “right-sizing” your network while planning on growth. The UpTime appliances are continuously monitoring your network in real time from Layer 1 through Layer 7 while providing site to site Service Level Agreements (SLA) and on demand, deep, packet capture as needed. The ASE provides a clear demarcation point at remote locations to identify whether the problem is with the local exchange carrier (LEC), the remote LEC, the Service Provider, bursting bandwidth, top talkers, the application, mis-classified Class of Service (CoS), VoIP, or an application problem.



Virtual probe

The Analysis Service Element (ASE) is available in VmWare version allowing for real time traffic visibility within a virtual environment. The vASE located in a data center can provide SLA measurements to a remote hardware appliance, packet capture, application analysis and VLAN/CoS visibility for actual visibility of the network traffic in a virtual environment.

Pro-Active Monitoring

Four categories of Pro-active, real time events are available:

  • Administration traps that support the system.
  • Up/Down network events that support the network.
  • Customizable performance threshold events
  • Enterprise wide application alarms

The TruView console acts as the central console allowing hundreds of users access to their needed data. No seat based licensing is required. The TruView server supports 1000s of remote hardware or virtual remote monitoring devices. The system is multi-tenant and supports 100s of customers under a single server. The system is easy to use and administer.

General Features

Exporting NetFlow records is supported to third party collectors, providing a two for one data source from the probe.

100% availability of the local loop as provided by LMIsolate.- ASEs provide keep alive messages when the Customer Provided Router is hard down. This unique feature keeps the circuit alive (not a hard cut) and provides a real time SNMP trap stating the router is the issue.

BGP command line visibility and validation

Back door Telnet Proxy to CPE Router

Management traffic can be Inband and/or via LAN Traffic Management (out of band)- as long as the TruView has an IP route between the Probe and the server.

3rd party integration by forwarding traps to service desks in plain English and launching back into the tool at the site and time the event occurred.

TruView supports single log-invia LDAP and RADIUS.


Models & Accessories

Model Number/Name Description
Virtual Probe SKU
An exact replicate of the hardware ASE software features is available for a VmWare Host or on a single VM instance within a VM Host.
SKU 01849

Advanced MPLS with applications integrity Part Number 2668440 Includes the following license modules: (Service Summary, Network Troubleshooting, Back-in-time, Traffic Capture, Class of Service, AppFlows, AppSummary, SLAs) See Photo

Ethernet Analyses Service Elements (ASE) probe
SKU 01900

Select 10/100 Ethernet In-Line ASE – IP Transport (Model 807-0122) See Photo

SKU 02167

4 Port Monitor GIGE RJ45 Appliance based Ethernet (Model 807-0400) See Photo

SKU 02168

4 Port Monitor GIGE SFP Appliance based Ethernet ASE (Model 807-0410) See Photo

SKU 02240

Multi-mode 850 nm single inline 1gbs appliance based ethernet ASE (Model 807-0411-MM) See Photo

SKU 02241

Single-mode 1310 nm single inline 1 gbs appliance based ethernet ASE (Model 807-411-SM) See Photo

SKU 02227

10g ethernet ASE appliance- monitor only (Model 807-0440) See Photo

TDM Analyses Service Elements (ASE) probe
SKU 01802

Select T1 CSU/DSU ASE with DSX port (Model 807-0109) See Photo

SKU 01805

Select T1 CSU/DSU ASE with mgmt dial access and DSX port (Model 807-0112) See Photo

SKU 01808

Select T1/E1 G703 inline probe (Model 807-0113) See Photo

SKU 01965

Select 4XT1/E1 ASE (Model 807-0115)  See Photo

SKU 01969

Select DS3-E3 inline probe ASE (Model 807-0204)  See Photo

SKU 02210

DS3/E3 ATM in-line probe ASE (Model 807-0205) See Photo

SKU 02088

Select DS3 ATM in-line probe ASE (Model 807-0205) See Photo

SKU 02244

Single-mode 1310 nm single inline OC3/12 applicance based POS ASE (Model 807-0420-SM) See Photo

Visual software modules
SKU 01654

Advanced MPLS package (Includes Network Troubleshooting, Back-in-Time, Traffic Capture, Class of Service) See Photo

SKU 01849
Advanced MPLS with applications integrity (Includes Network Troubleshooting, Back-in-Time, Traffic Capture, Class of Service, AppFlows, AppSummary) See Photo
SKU 01923
Advanced MPLS with VOIP integrity (Includes Network Troubleshooting, Back-in-Time, Traffic Capture, Class of Service, AppFlows, AppSummary, VoIP) See Photo
Installation and pre-configuration services
SKU 00048
19” Rack Mount kit 1U (holds 2 ASEs) Part Number 2663862
SKU 00426
On-site ase installation (us only) Part Number 2664624
Visual Network Systems will receive and hold the inventory, pick, stage, pre-configure, test, re-box, and ship the ASE. Pre-configured ASEs arrive boxed and labeled, offering a 'plug and play' installation. To arrange for pre-configuration services please contact VTAC at 1-800-708-4784 or [email protected]
SKU 00427
On-site ase installation (US only) Part Number 2664636
A field engineer is dispatched to each domestic site and will configure and physically install each ASE to full operational status. This is a turnkey service that includes two hours of on-site ASE installation services. Installations that take longer than two hours will incur additional hourly on-site support charges. Travel charges are included. Lead-time for scheduling from receipt of PO: 5 business-days (in US) 10 business days (outside US). To schedule installation services please contact VTAC at 1-800-708-4784 or [email protected]


Hardware Probe Specifications
 SKUModel #DescriptionSpeedConcurrent VoIP CallsSite to Site SLA IP CircuitsInterfaceMgmt InterfaceFrames in Capture Buffer
ETHERNET 01900807-0122SELECT 10/100 ETHERNET IN-LINE ASE - IP TRANSPORT100 Mbps Total10015510/100 Base -T interface10/100 Base -T interface, IP Address16,000
02167807-04004 PORT MONITOR 100/1000 RJ45 APPLIANCE BASED ETHERNET ASE1000 Mbps Total - 1.2 Million Packets Per Second 4,0004,096 with SLA over LAN supported4 RJ-45 2meter Ethernet patch cables100/1000 Base-T 100,000
02168807-04104 PORT MONITOR 1 GBPS SFP APPLIANCE BASED ETHERNET ASE1000 Mbps Total - 1.2 Million Packets Per Second 4,0004,096 with SLA over LAN supported4 RJ-45 2meter Ethernet patch cables
4 MM 3 meter LC-LC fiber Ethernet patch cables
4 SM 3 meter LC-LC fiber Ethernet patch cables
4 RJ-45 SFPs
4 MM Fiber SFPs
4 SM Fiber SFPs
100/1000 Base-T 100,000
02240807-0411-MMMULTI-MODE 850 NM SGL INLINE 1GBS APPL. BASED ETHERNET ASE(MODEL 807-0411-MM)1000 Mbps Total - 1.2 Million Packets Per Second5000 4,096850 NM Multi-Mode, LC Type100/1000 Base-T 100,000
02241807-0411-SMSINGLE-MODE 1310 NM SGL INLINE 1GBS APPL.BASED ETHERNET ASE(MODEL807-0411-SM)1000 Mbps Total - 1.2 Million Packets Per Second5000 4,0961310 NM Single-Mode, LC Type100/1000 Base-T 100,000
02227807-044010G ETHERNET ASE APPLIANCE- MONITOR ONLY (MODEL 0440)10GIG ONLY- 1.2 Million Packets Per Second60004,096 with SLA over LAN supported10 GIG Only1000 Base-T on GB1100,000
TI01802807-0109SELECT T1 CSU/DSU ASE WITH DSX PORT - IP TRANSPORT1544 kbps60155V.35 & T1/FT1; DSX-1 drop  & insert portEthernet,
01805807-0112SELECT T1 CSU/DSU ASE WITH MGMT DIAL ACCESS AND DSX PORT - IP TRANSPORT1544 kbps60155V.35 & T1/FT1; DSX-1 drop  & insert port, modemEthernet,
T1/E1 G.70301808807-0113SELECT T1/E1 G703 INLINE PROBE - IP TRANSPORT  E1 Mode: 2.048M   T1 Mode: 1.544M 60155E1: balanced 120 ohm (RJ-45) & unbalanced 75 ohm (BNC)
T1: balanced 100 ohm (RJ-45)
10/100 Ethernet / 
inband DLCI /
serial (RJ) 
4xT101965807-0115SELECT 4XT1/E1 ASE - IP TRANSPORT IMAGE W/ENCR1.544 x 4 Mbps
(or  6.176 Mbps)
150300E1: balanced 120 ohm (RJ-45) & unbalanced 75 ohm (BNC)
T1: balanced 100 ohm (RJ-45)
10/100 Ethernet / 
inband DLCI /
serial (RJ) 
DS3/E3 FRAME01969807-0204SELECT DS3-E3 IN-LINE PROBE ASE FOR IP TRANSPORT45 Mbps (DS3)   35 Mbps (E3)10002000DS3/E3 BNC Interface10/1001000 Base -T interface or inband ( DLCI / IP address )16,384
DS3 ATM02088807-0205SELECT DS3 ATM IN-LINE PROBE ASE, IP TRANSPORT45 Mbps (DS3)   35 Mbps (E3)10002000DS3/E3 BNC Interface10/1001000 Base -T interface or inband (ATM PVC / IP address )16,384
OC3/12 POS ATM02244807-0420-SMSINGLE-MODE 1310 NM SGL INLINE OC3/12 APPL.BASED POS ASE(MODEL807-0420-SM)155 Mbps (OC3)
622 Mbps (OC12) - 1.2 Million Packets Per Second
5000 4,0961310nm  LC Type Internal SFP100/1000 Base-T16,384




Data Sheets

Title/Description Download  
Professional Services Data Sheet
Professional Services Data Sheet
Truview Flow Datasheet
316 KB


MasterCare Software Maintenance (MasterCare support programs are available for both hardware and software components of the TruView architecture):

  • Software upgrades – Your supported software component will never be out of date. As a program member, you will receive all software upgrades for your supported component – the only way to receive them – and keep TruView updated. First year MasterCare Support is required with purchase.
  • Access to our Analysis Service Element (ASE) Image library – As a MasterCare Support member you will have full access to all available ASE Images to download them as needed.
  • Unlimited access to our online Knowledge Base – You’ll have an open door to valuable proprietary information we’ve gathered from helping customers over the years. It also includes helpful technical articles written by our experts. These articles are unlocked online once you have registered your MasterCare Membership number and pin into your My Account page on
  • Member Only promotions – Your membership qualifies you for “Members Only” promotions and programs. This includes product discounts, access to reconditioned equipment at special prices and other incredible values.
  • Access to live 24 x 7 technical support – MasterCare Support includes direct, immediate telephone access to our world-class Technical Assistance Center (TAC), access only available to MasterCare Members. Our global centers employ a full staff of highly trained technical experts that are on call, including weekends and through the night when most network changes are implemented, to answer complex troubleshooting questions to help you get the most out of Visual Performance Manager and resolve any issues you may encounter.

NETSCOUT is proud to offer worldwide, next business day replacement with a technician under the MasterCare Hardware Maintenance for the TruView ASEs and Branch probes.


Managed Services

Managed Services for the Enterprise

With our managed service provider partners, Visual offers customers a variety of purchasing options. We deliver proven, scalable application performance management services that can be purchased as an additional component of a transport service from many of the top global service providers. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Global Crossing, XO Communications and others all offer our application monitoring services as a hosted offering that can be added to many of their transport services.

In this way, our customers can get the very best in application and network performance monitoring services as an operational expense, paid as a monthly recurring charge to the carrier that they use for transport services. In addition, customers can choose to purchase our application monitoring services directly as a capitol investment and deploy and manage it on their own. Customers wishing to purchase direct can do so through many of our managed service partners, one of our value added resellers or from a Visual sales associate.

Visual has a long and proven history of working with leading multi-national service providers to create offerings that deliver extended management and monitoring services on top of MPLS networks.

Resolve application performance problems FAST

View the call quality of actual VoIP calls (click to view larger).

  • Monitor critical applications, including voice and video
  • Correlate application and network performance
  • Real-time and back-in-time troubleshooting
  • End-to-end performance validation by CoS

Decrease operational support costs

Validate throughput by IP Class of service (click to view larger).

  • Validate router CoS configurations
  • Increase productivity of operations staff
  • Reduce technician dispatches and downtime

Maximize current network and application infrastructure

For capacity planning, drill down to understand port utilization and identify where to allocate resources (click to view larger).

  • Increase monitoring visibility of applications and traffic across entire network
  • Enables informed planning for Applications and VoIP
  • Optimize CoS and bandwidth requirements
  • Get the most out of your MPLS network

Are You A Service Provider?

Learn how Visual Performance Manager can add value to your service offering.

Select an Existing Partner to Learn
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Software Modules

Select Software Modules are also part of the TruView, TruView Distributed, and Visual Performance Manager Solution which allow you to access real time capabilities needed today and license additional functionality as your business network needs evolve with supporting VDI, VoIP, Video, Virtualization, BYOD, and Wireless infrastructure on the WAN MPLS network.

Available Free Software Modules: (included with each Hardware and Virtual Appliance)

NetFlow Export (Free):
All hardware probes support exporting NetFlow v9 to a NetFlow collector.

Select Service Summary (Free): Health and Events - provides weighted priority, real time SNMP events including up/down, administration, and customizable thresholds viewed within the Visual Performance Manager, or fed to your third party event management tool for proper service desk ticketing allocation. Configurable events include physical layer, bandwidth, CoS, applications, SLAs and VOIP at each location.

Bundled Software Module Offerings:

Advanced MPLS Package:
Used for monitoring the Network. Includes Service Summary, Network Troubleshooting, Back-in-Time, Traffic Capture & Class of Service

Advanced MPLS with Applications Integrity (virtual ASE): Use for troubleshooting and segmenting the Network and the Applications running on the network. Includes Service Summary, Network Troubleshooting, Back-in-Time, Traffic Capture, Class of Service, AppFlows, AppSummary. This software can run on a VmWare host or as a separate VM with the same visibility and communication as a hardware ASE probe.

Advanced MPLS with VoIP Integrity: Use for troubleshooting, monitoring, reporting, and segmenting the Network, the Applications, and the VOIP traffic. Includes Service Summary, Network Troubleshooting, Back-in-Time, Traffic Capture, Class of Service, AppFlows, AppSummary & VoIP

Building Block Software Modules:

Select Network Troubleshooting: Real-Time Network Monitoring - helps you troubleshoot network and application performance problems in real-time (1 second granularity) at each site, facilitating a more proactive approach to addressing network infrastructure-related issues while utilizing physical and port layer statistics on the last mile provided by your Local Exchange Carrier.

Select Back-in-Time: Historical two-week network troubleshooting and one year WAN Reporting - offers a complete network troubleshooting solution that provides insight into Layers 1-7 performance over a two-week period (and one year’s worth of reporting), arming you with the necessary intelligence to resolve pesky, intermittent problems that impact network and application performance.

Select Class-of-Service: Viewing the COS - lets you track and monitor the prioritization of individual applications and manage service level agreements for each traffic class, thereby optimizing CoS settings and validating router and service provider settings.

Select AppFlows - drills down to provide an end-to-end visibility into individual application flows – peer-to-peer, client-to-server and server-to-server – to help identify bandwidth hogs and unauthorized or unknown/rogue applications at the user level. Utilizing deep packet inspection for auto-discovery of applications, AppFlows will also provide server connect and track server response time measurements for identifying slow applications on the network, while auto-discovering servers at each location.

Select AppSummary - lets you automatically summarize the applications that are running on your network, allowing you to proactively track and identify any rogue or unauthorized applications before they impact the enterprise. Provides visibility into server connect and track server response time measurements with enhanced alarm functions for identifying the Worst Performing Server and Applications.

Select VoIP - provides real time detailed VoIP analysis on a per-site basis with automatic push-button pre-assessment, monitors and manages existing deployments, and measures VoIP metrics per individual call, including MOS.

Additional Modules:

Select Bandwidth Manager for Citrix Presentation Server
- provides cost-effective visibility into Citrix application performance at local and remote sites.

Select Traffic Capture - provides a full-function protocol analyzer at every site, letting you troubleshoot issues at remote sites by performing a detailed protocol analysis quickly and securely across every site in your infrastructure.


Hardware ASE Probes

Untitled Document

Analysis Service Elements (ASE's) are data collection and network performance monitoring hardware devices placed on a wide area network (WAN) or Local Area Network (LAN) as part of the TruView or TruView Distributed (formally Visual Performance Manager) system, which offers in-depth, real-time, and historical visibility into the performance of your applications infrastructure via network analysis.

In the system, data gathered by ASEs is stored in the Visual Performance Manager server and displayed and analyzed from the Web client. As a service level management tool, ASEs indicate when services are being met, provide warnings when services start to degrade, and send alerts when services are not met.

Model # SKU Description
807-0109 01802 Select T1 CSU/DSU ASE with DSX Port - IP Transport
807-0112 01805 Select T1 CSU/DSU ASE with Mgmt Dial Access and DSX port - IP Transport
807-0113 01808 Select T1/E1 G703 Inline Probe - IP Transport
807-0122 01900 Select 10/100 Ethernet In-Line ASE - IP Transport
807-0115 01965 Select 4xT1/E1 ASE - IP Transport Image
807-0204 01969 Select DS3-E3 In-Line Probe ASE For IP Transport
807-0401 02169 2 port inline 100/1000 RJ45 appliance based Ethernet ASE
807-0410 02168 4 port monitor 1 GBPS SFP appliance based Ethernet ASE
807-0411-MM 02240 Multi-mode 850 nm single inline 1GBS appliance based Ethernet ASE
807-0411-SM 02241 Single-mode 1310 nm single inline 1GBS appliance based Ethernet ASE
807-0440 02227 2 Port 10G MM LC type appliance based Ethernet Monitor-Only ASE