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Network Troubleshooting Tool

All-in-one network tester for network analysis & discovery. Understand end-user network performance on-site in real-time and through the cloud over time.

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Network Troubleshooting Tool Features:

  • All-in-one network tester: combined copper, fiber optic and Wi-Fi network troubleshooting resolves a broad range of problems with one testing tool
  • Versatile: dual 10/100/1G copper/fiber Ethernet test ports and an 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi radio for use in multiple environments
  • Discover: automated wired and Wi-Fi discovery and analysis provides visibility into connected devices, key device properties, device interconnections and problems
  • Performance: end-to-end L2/L3 wired and Wi-Fi path performance measurement to a peer or a reflector to validate and document link readiness and SLA compliance
  • Capture: wired, Wi-Fi, VoIP and AutoTest packet capture streamlines collaboration and escalation of the most complex issues
  • Network Tests:
    • DHCP test
    • DNS test
    • Network Application Testing
    • Wired network discovery & analysis
    • WiFi network discovery & analysis

Additional OneTouch™ AT Features Include:

  • Automated troubleshooting
  • Client view of network performance
  • Network application testing
  • Local, intranet and internet performance
  • Cloud analytics
  • Remote Control & file access
  • Wired network discovery & analysis
  • End-to-end path performance measurement
  • VoIP analysis
  • Full List of OneTouch AT's Feature



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