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Network Tester - LinkRunner AT

Solve your network connectivity problems faster than ever with the LinkRunner AT network tester. 

The new LinkRunner AT performs 6 essential network tests in less than 10 seconds with the push of a single button.

LinkRunner AT's Network Tester Features

  • Use network connectivity test to accurately test and identify network connectivity problems with the 10 second AutoTest
  • Network connectivity test for twisted pair and fiber optic Ethernet links at 10, 100 and Gigabit rates
  • Cable testing and verification
  • Nearest switch, port and VLAN information
  • Supports PoE testing and IPv6
  • Ping and TCP port connectivity tests to up to 10 user-selected targets
  • Verify twisted pair Ethernet cable length and wiremap with the network cable tester
  • Measure Power over Ethernet under a load with the TruePower™ Power over Ethernet (POE) tester
  • Save network connectivity test results on the network tester or in the cloud with zero-touch reporting
  • Streamline management of network connectivity test results, reports, projects and staff with the companion Link-Live Cloud Service

Which LinkRunner is for YOU?

Select the right LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester for the job: LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester-2000 or LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester-1000.
See the comparison chart for feature differences:

  Feature LRAT-1000 LRAT-2000
Basic Test 10/100/100 RJ45 interface
Solicit PoE voltage (802.3af)
Nearest switch (CDP/LLDP)
Ping/TCP Port single target
UX Color display
AA battery pack option
Lithium Ion rechargable battery option
Cable Test Length and distance to fault
Flash switch port
Integrated patch cable test
WireView office ID/wiremap option
Toning (analog and IntelliTone)
Configurable Configurable PoE class (802.3at)
Configurable link speed/duplex
Configurable MAC address
Configurable VLAN ID
Configurable 802.1X security
AutoTest Continuous testing w/ stats
>1 Ping/TCP target (up to 10)
AutoTest profiles (up to 10)
Advanced TruePower PoE load  (25.5W)  
100/1000 Fiber SFP interface  
Line rate packet reflector (1Gbps)  
IPv6 support  
Reports Results saved locally on tester 10 50
LinkRunner AT Manager PC software
Link-Live Cloud Reporting
Link-Live Cloud Service

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