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Service Providers

In its broadest sense, the term “Service Provider” applies to a range of organizations providing network services, WAN/Internet connectivity, systems integration, consulting, and installation services. Traditional service provider business services groups, system integrators, consultants, network service teams or network-attached equipment manufacturers each provide work or services on a client network, and are typically tasked with creating project estimates, pre-deployment assessments, installation and testing, documenting and reporting, problem resolution and maintenance services for a complex array of network projects.

They face challenges that include unknown or undocumented network environments, inconsistent procedures, variations in knowledge and experience within their team and in their customers, and a myriad of tools or solutions that should help them deliver on-time, on-budget projects.

The IT Services industry is continuing to grow as more companies are outsourcing portions or all of their network infrastructure and/or management services and IT projects. Providers – including system integrators, consultants, network service teams and even manufacturers of equipment that is network-attached − are tasked with implementing services – efficiently, effectively and profitably.

These assignments are typically ‘temporary’ in nature and require a variety of skills and capabilities – including technical, operational and consulting roles that need to be one-step ahead of the complexity associated with today’s network environments.

Clients are increasingly dependent on their networks for employee productivity, customer communications and loyalty, and direct revenue generation. An organization’s reputation may also be vulnerable to negative exposure when network performance issues impact any of these critical areas - increasing the pressure on their service providers.

With growth in any industry comes competition, requiring service providers to continually augment their expertise and specialization with the most advanced tools in the industry without compromising growth or profitability.

Managed service providers best practices are driven by the combined need for client satisfaction and profitability. Their projects are as varied as their clients and the network environments they work in. Preparation is a key to success, in addition to constant skill updates and the ability to be flexible and adaptable. Service providers need to establish and execute on some critical best practices to keep ahead of the complexity and to provide the highest level of service and support to their clients.

Key areas to focus on for best practice execution include:

  • Pre-Deployment assessment
  • Installation and test
  • Documentation and reporting

By focusing on these three areas, service provider field teams can improve project scoping and estimates, reduce callbacks and issues, and ensure satisfaction that results in prompt payment, additional service opportunities and referral business.

Service Providers, System Integrators, Consultants and Network Service Teams

OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet

The OptiView XG provides unparalleled visibility into server and application performance, network infrastructure health, link utilization, and network service health. The analysis tablet is equipped with a 10Gig interface, which allows for link verification through line-rate capacity testing as well as lossless packet capture. The Path Analysis and 1 Click NetTest feature both allow a path through the Data Center to be identified and analyzed, isolating pain points to a single link. Application dependencies can be identified and tested using the on-board ClearSight Analyzer, featuring application-centric analysis.

Network Time Machine

The Network Time Machine allows Network Operations to keep a handle on application performance even in high bandwidth environments which support thousands of users, while providing packet-level detail for events that have occurred in the past. The Atlas feature automatically searches through Terabytes of stored packet data, combing for periods of degraded performance for critical applications and VoIP services.

Network Time Machine


TruView is a single analysis appliance that leverages key data sources such as packet inspection, transaction analysis, netflow, and SNMP to present a correlated view of network and application performance in a single, easy to understand dashboard view. These dashboards are critical in any IT environment for one-click root cause analysis to quickly understand and resolve performance problems. TruView automatically calibrates itself to performance baselines, even at remote sites. Simple dashboards and deep packet inspection allows for collaboration between Network Operations and Engineering in the event of a problem, giving each the critical data needed in order to resolve it.


AirMagnet Enterprise

This “Eyes in the Sky” solution monitors Enterprise Wireless networks for performance and security threats, 24/7, alerting Network Engineers when a problem strikes. This system is geared toward analyzing and supporting BYOD, since a mobile solution cannot be everywhere all the time. Sensors installed throughout the system ensure that wireless visibility is provided in all corners of the network, both on and off carpet.

AirMagnet Enterprise

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer

The AirMagnetWiFi Analyzer is the industry standard mobile tool for auditing and troubleshooting enterprise Wi-Fi networks. IT Technicians and Engineers alike are equipped with the critical data needed to quickly solve end-user issues while automatically detecting security threats and wireless network vulnerabilities. AirMagnetWiFi identifies BYOD devices, enabling IT to stay ahead of users as they connect to the network with phones and tablets. The onboard AirWise feature gives actionable alerts for performance and security problems, enabling technicians to resolve problems without the need for expert-level RF training.

The AirMagnet Analyzer is available on the OptiView XG Analysis Tablet or as a stand-alone product.

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer

OneTouch AT

The OneTouch AT is a one-touch tool used for client to Cloud testing. Application response time is measured and broken down by connection time, service response time, and network latency. Troubleshoot client connection through the wired or Wi-Fi connection, while measuring network services hosted locally and within the cloud. The OneTouch AT can be accessed remotely for team collaboration with other members of the IT organization.

OneTouch AT
LinkRunner AT Network AutoTester

This handheld analysis tool identifies wired network connectivity issues in less than 10 seconds. Instantly verify link status, connection type, and link signal strength, as well as PoE with the TruePower feature.

AirMagnet Survey