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OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet

The wireless companion to nGeniusONE for full WLAN lifecycle management and troubleshooting network infrastructures.
  • Used with nGeniusONE, OptiView XG provides infrastructure diagnostics from the access layer to data center
  • All-in-one network infrastructure analyzer – complete wireless and wired network discovery and troubleshooting
  • Quickly find root cause of network infrastructure-related performance problems
  • Troubleshoot remote sites without travel – use remote user interface for collaborative troubleshooting
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Put portable troubleshooting power into local hands

OptiView XG enables Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure troubleshooting by local technicians, giving them the portability to go anywhere – and the visibility they need – to solve problems down to the desktop. With automated discovery, mapping of the local network and multiple functions to isolate the root cause of infrastructure-related problems, OptiView XG helps distribute problem solving throughout your organization, making everyone more effective.

Ensure Wi-Fi networks are secure and operating effectively

Integrated radios and wireless analysis software speeds planning, troubleshooting and securing WLANs. Survey sites for “dead zones” and interference, ensuring optimal performance for all users. Automated expert advice simplifies engineers’ workloads and minimizes user complaints by providing instant answers to ANY wireless connectivity, performance and security issue – even engineers with minimal WLAN expertise can solve the toughest problems with OptiView XG.

Integrated into nGeniusONE for efficient workflows

nGeniusONE together with OptiView XG provides service assurance and visibility from the data center to the WAN, cloud, and remote site access layer – wired or wireless.

"A major benefit of the OptiView XG is that it allows me to better utilize my staff. I can now confidently leverage technicians with less experience and expertise to handle problems that used to require a higher-level technician to diagnose, let alone remediate. In effect, the OptiView XG pushes the years of experience of a senior technician to the edge and makes my entire team more productive."
Aaron Kostyu, Director of Technology
Lowndes County


Integrated WLAN deployment and troubleshooting
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Fully integrated portable analyzer with multiple radios goes wherever needed to deploy, troubleshoot and secure your WLANs.

  • Design and deploy the most accurate wireless LAN network (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) correctly the first time for optimal performance, and prevent costly rework & user complaints
  • Quickly solve end-user WLAN connectivity and performance issues while automatically detecting security threats and wireless network vulnerabilities
  • Detect, identify and find non-WLAN sources that interfere with WLAN networks and their performance with integrated spectrum radio
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Isolate the root cause of infrastructure-related problems

The OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet is the first all-in-one analyzer specifically designed for the network engineer for portable WLAN and network infrastructure troubleshooting. By automating the discovery and analysis of wired and wireless network infrastructure problems, it helps engineers save significant time on their daily tasks leaving more time to tackle other initiatives and projects.

  • Unique Path Analysis provides a graphical view of the path between a user and network resources (local, remote, or cloud-based) and visually indicates health data or problems on critical links and devices along the path
  • Automated wired and wireless network mapping – users can view their network in a flexible map-based user interface to visually identify configuration and topology issues, speeding troubleshooting. One click sends the map data through a Visio file generator, creating instant, professional network documentation
  • Automated health checks proactively show the availability and responsiveness of critical network services and the interfaces with the highest utilization and errors across the network
  • Built-in “Guided Analysis” expert reduces the time required to identify the root cause and fix issues, increasing staff efficiency
Test the quality of network infrastructure

Active performance testing allows users to validate and troubleshoot high performance links across WANs, campuses, or within data centers and sites. Test results quantify the performance of the network in terms of bandwidth, latency, jitter and loss up to line-rate 10 Gbps, giving engineers solid data about the capabilities of their infrastructure and its ability to support current and future applications.

  • Validate the performance of new infrastructure elements and critical links within the data center or sites
  • Assess network performance prior to deployment of new services
  • Independently determine if their service providers are meeting agreed upon service levels (SLAs)
  • Test whether required QoS is being maintained end-to-end
Portable power for troubleshooting anywhere in the network

Putting powerful tools in local hands means problems have nowhere to hide. OptiView XG, with its custom packet processing hardware and highly portable tablet form factor provides an analysis point anywhere it is needed.

  • Line-rate packet capture up to 10 Gbps for network troubleshooting
  • Real-time traffic analysis shows top hosts, top conversations, top protocols – who is using local bandwidth
  • Go directly in-line (up to 1 Gbps) to observe traffic in real-time or capture at line rate without the need of an external tap

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