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OneTouch AT - Gold Entitlement Upgrades

OneTouch AT Software Upgrades v6 v5 v4 v3.0
Date May 2017 July 2016 Sept. 2015 Mar. 2014
UI trade-dress change New      
Wired Performance Test:        
10G Performance Test with two 1T10G-1000 New*      
Support SW NPT Reflector New*      
Support iPerf test against iPerf Server v3.x or NETSCOUT TEST-ACC New*      
Chart & tabular result in report   New    
Wi-Fi Performance Test:        
Multiple APs performance validation and report   New    
Initiate Test from inside NAT’ed network   Enhanced    
Support SW NPT Reflector New*      
Wi-Fi Analysis:        
802.11ac1     New  
802.11 a/b/g/n       Enhanced
Media Type in Network & Client summary and detail     New  
Non-802.11 interferer traffic detection, identification and location   New    
Automated discovery of devices and key device properties:        
Quick Link Validation (10G only) New      
Cross-link Analysis for WiFi and Wired network       New
Discover Device on port       New
Report Enhancement – XML format & path analysis     New  
Security - Support AES-192 and AES-256 privacy protocols when SNMPv3 is enabled New      
Setup Wizard New   Enhanced New
Cloud Service:        
UI rebrand with enhanced detail view of User Defined Tests New      
Support 10G NPT test result & improved granularity for NPT test results New*      
Support periodic Autotest     New  
Zero-touch result/report upload to Dashboard   New    
User defined folder for results and reports   New    
Periodic Autotest Result upload to Cloud Service   Enhanced   New
Remote Control from Cloud Service       New
Support download of firmware to OneTouch with v6.5.1 or later firmware New*      

* Features offered as a dot release later in the year.


OneTouch AT - Gold Entitlement Upgrades launch

*See below for additional feature descriptions

OneTouch AT v6.0 Software Upgrade – Release Dec. 2017

Version 6.5 Highlights:

  • 1T10G support 10G NPT against another 1T10G or OptiView XG
  • Support NPT testing against a Software Reflector downloadable from the OneTouch AT Web Server
  • Autotest flexibility: user can force a Failed test to Pass for Ping, TCP Connect, FTP and WEB
  • Support iPerf test against the iPerf Server v3.x or NETSCOUT TEST-ACC
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fix autonegotiate link bug: support UTP with 45 or 78 open pair to link at 100Mbps
  • Link-Live cloud portal enhancements:
    • Support 10G NPT test result & NPT test with improved result granularity
    • Directly download of firmware to OneTouch with v6.5.1 or later firmware if unit is under Gold Support

OneTouch AT v6.0 Software Upgrade – Release May. 2017

Version 6.0 Highlights:

  • New User Interface that adopts the NETSCOUT brand color with brighter background
  • Support AES-192 and AES-256 privacy protocols when SNMPv3 is enabled
  • (OneTouch AT 10G only) New Link Validation under Testing Tool menu:
    • Customer can use the Tool to quickly check the link speed and type advertised from wired switch ports. The link speed and duplex that the OneTouch AT 10G can connected after link negotiation without running the full Autotest.
  • Link-Live cloud portal enhancements:
    • New User Interface that adopts the NETSCOUT brand color with modern navigation scheme
    • Shows detail test results for User Defined test

OneTouch AT v5.0 Software Upgrade – Release July. 2016

Version 5.0 Highlights:

  • Wi-Fi Enhancement:
    • Multiple AP validation by location
    • Non 802.11 utilization
    • Interferer detect/classify/locate
    • Initiate WiFi-Wired NPT from inside NAT Network
    • Offer Bonded channel info in reports
  • LinkLive Integration:
    • Zero Touch report upload
    • AutoTest results & report in dashboard
    • Remote control & file management
  • Miscellaneous:
    • OneTouchAT.com transition
    • Dashboard notification
    • Existing trended session storage
    • Inline auto-detect speed/duplex
    • Optical receiver power in report
    • Chart & tabular results in performance test report

OneTouch AT v4.0 Software Upgrade – Release Sept. 2015

Version 4.0 Highlights:

  • Enhanced 802.11ac Support:
    • Replaced the 802.11n radio with a 3x3 802.11ac radio
    • Added support to perform active tests at 802.11ac rates
    • Added support to locate 802.11ac clients
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Support:
    • Added indication of the client’s 802.11 media type to the client summary and client detail screens
    • Added bonded channel configuration information to the AP detail screen
    • Added indication of the network’s 802.11 media type to the network summary and network detail screen
    • The SSID and AP Connect test screens will indicate if an address is static or DHCP
  • Setup Wizard Enhancements:
    • Added an on-board product registration feature
    • Added an on-board cloud service claiming feature
    • Added a locale selection to support one button language selection, length units, AC frequency and numeral separator
  • Report Enhancements:
    • Added Path Analysis test results
    • Added Summary reports
    • Added more report section selection option so that report content could be limited to pertinent information only
    • Added Excel XML report format. This allows loading the report directly into Excel and using Excel features to manipulate the report data
    • Improved report readability
  • Wired Performance Test Enhancement:
    • 1G Wired Performance test results will include the actual measured rate (bps)
  • Wi-Fi Performance Test Enhancements:
    • The maximum throughput was increased. For Peer and Reflector targets, 300 Mbps (G1) and 600 Mbps (1TG2 only) have been measured in our Wi-Fi lab
    • An information icon was added that provides configuration guidance and some background information about Wi-Fi technology as it related to performance and packet loss
  • Wi-Fi Signal and Noise Customization:
    • Added a signal adjustment tool to the Wi-Fi configuration screen which allows the user to tune the signal strength measurement to align with a client device
    • Added a noise floor adjustment tool to the Wi-Fi configuration screen which allows the user to tune the noise floor measurement to align with a client device
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements:
    • Added a path analysis tool to the DHCP test to help identify rogue DHCP servers
    • Added a capability to disable Wired testing to improve performance when testing Wi-Fi only

OneTouch AT v3.0 Software Upgrade – Release March 2014

Version 3.0 Highlights:

  • Cloud Trending Tool:
    • Identify intermittent issues by testing at regular user-defined intervals for user-defined duration
    • AutoTest results sent to OneTouch AT Cloud Service for long-term storage, visualization and analysis
  • Troubleshooting tools:
    • Devices on port – identify devices that connect to the network infrastructure through the selected port
    • HTTP test “contains” – ensure that the downloaded web page is the expected web page
    • Cross linked analysis at top level – summary-level identification and sorting of devices that have been discovered through both Wired Analysis and Wi-Fi Analysis
  • Usability enhancements:
    • Setup Wizard – step-by-step guided profile creation with prompts, on-board help and status indicators
    • Accelerated scrolling – fast scrolling through long lists in Wired Analysis, Wi-Fi Analysis, VoIP Analysis and AP details
    • Wi-Fi management port – support for an external Wi-Fi USB adapter to allow remote control and file access when no wired connection is available
  • Wi-Fi Analysis enhancements:
    • Channels – direct navigation from the all channels view to a selected channel, labeling of 802.11 and non-802.11 utilization graphs
    • Access Points – additional address and security information
    • Clients – improved presentation of results
  • Other:
    • Improved linking, including support for link partner’s that do not use auto-negotiation
    • Wired discovery engine updates

OneTouch AT v2.0.1 Software Upgrade – Release Oct. 2013

Version 2.0.1 Highlights:

  • Wired Performance Test:
    • Added confirmation that the reflecting device is ready when the remote Type = Reflector
    • Added VLAN tag support
    • Improved the uniformity of test frame transmission during testing
    • Fixed the Rate setup to prevent test rates greater than actual link speed
  • Wi-Fi Performance Test:
    • Increased maximum test rate from 100 Mbps to 225 Mbps
    • Improved the measurement algorithm for better alignment of frame loss (%) and actual rate (bps)
  • Web (HTTP) Test:
    • Fixed an HTTPS server issue when the network under test ports were configured with static IP addresses
  • DNS Test:
    • Fixed a name resolution issue when the Name to Lookup had 4 text sections
  • VoIP Analysis:
    • Added computation of a MOS score when analyzing a SIP call
  • Browser:
    • Fixed browsing via wired and Wi-Fi network under test ports when the ports were configured with static IP addresses
    • Fixed browsing via the Wi-Fi network under test port when there was also a wired network under test port connection to a different network
  • Security:
    • Added SHA256 encryption support for 802.1X certificates

OneTouch AT v2.0 Software Upgrade – Release June 2013

Version 2.0 Highlights:

  • End-to-end Ethernet link provisioning and performance assessment:
    • Wired Performance Test: RFC 2544 derived measurement of key performance metrics – throughput, loss, latency, and jitter – at rates up to 1 Gbps
    • Local to remote peer testing: bidirectional testing using a second OneTouch AT as the remote
    • Local to remote reflector testing: roundtrip testing using a LinkRunner AT 2000 or equivalent as the remote
  • Desktop VoIP troubleshooting:
    • VoIP Analysis Test: inline VoIP conversation monitoring with step-by-step visibility into the VoIP call process and measurement of call quality (MOS score)
    • VoIP Capture: simultaneous inline capture of voice conversations for packet-level VoIP analysis using ClearSight Analyzer software or equivalent
  • BYOD and Wi-Fi management:
    • Wi-Fi Analysis: automated discovery of Wi-Fi devices (including BYOD and 802.11ac devices) and device performance, with results cross-linked to discovery results from Wired Analysis
    • Wi-Fi Performance Test: Wi-Fi to wired measurement of key performance metrics – rate, loss, latency, jitter – from a local OneTouch AT to a remote OneTouch AT peer or to a remote LinkRunner AT reflector
    • Wi-Fi Capture: capture of Wi-Fi traffic for packet-level analysis using ClearSight Analyzer software, AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer software, or equivalent
  • Network infrastructure troubleshooting:
    • Path Analysis: visibility into the layer 2 and layer 3 path between the user and the application server, including response time per hop
    • Multiport Statistics: discover key layer 2 switch port attributes including status (up/down), speed/duplex, utilization, problems, VLAN and hosts

OneTouch AT v1.1 Software Upgrade – Release October 2012

Version v1.1 Highlights:

  • New Wired Analysis:
    • Automated discovery of devices and key device properties
    • Comprehensive user-defined sorts and filters that make it easy to get the right data for job
    • Discovery-assisted analysis tools for enhanced troubleshooting and profile creation
  • AutoTest enhancements:
    • Expanded “Test Again” capability enables the running of individual tests
    • Graphical home screen alerts to find problems faster
    • Added tests to AutoTest based on discovery results
    • Packet capture during the AutoTest for more efficient collaborative troubleshooting