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TruView Flow

Complete Traffic Analysis

Go with the Flow

TruView™ is a fully unified solution for Network and Application Performance Monitoring, delivered in a single appliance. TruView’s architectural design is uniquely flexible, so that it can be deployed as a single appliance or in a distributed model with optimized configurations for packet monitoring and stream-to-disk as well as flow collection depending on requirements.

TruView-Flow™ collects flow data (be it NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow and others) to provide deep visibility into how network bandwidth is being consumed. TruView-Flow also polls the health and utilization of all discovered devices to give you essential infrastructure visibility.

TruView Packet

End user response time, VoIP, and stream-to- disk for high speed data center environments

TruView Flow

Centralized flow collection for NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, cFlowd, jFlow...

Analysis Service Element

Probe based deployment for layer 1-7 visibility across distributed LAN/WAN environments

OptiView® XG

Dedicated tablet for portable wired and wireless troubleshooting

TruView Central

A central console for the TruView distributed system providing end-to-end visibility into applications being delivered across cloud, carrier and enterprise networks

TruView-Flow combines the industry’s highest performing flow collector with the ability to view all raw flows alongside critical device health statistics for a unified view of network capacity and usage.

In a distributed deployment, TruView-Flow is a data source for TruView Central, which is a single point of management, reporting and correlation for a unified view of performance from various data source. TruView Central’s role based access and multi-tenant architecture ensures users only see the dashboards and data they need or are allowed access to.

Challenges you may be facing

Does your team make bandwidth decisions based on utilization numbers alone and find that to be time consuming and lacking the type of analysis you need to make accurate decisions?

  • TruView-Flow provides the easiest capacity planning in the industry. Competing solutions require you to run manual reports and interpret complicated statistics because they can’t keep the granular data you need to understand utilization over the long term.
  • TruView-Flow stores 1 minute burst utilization data for a year, allowing you to apply business hour filters and quickly identify where you have the least room for growth on your network. From there it’s a single click to identify who or what is consuming that bandwidth.

Do you really know what you’re missing?

  • TruView-Flow’s reports are based on raw flow data, not Top-N talkers because even the smallest network conversations can have an impact on network operations, it’s not sufficient to just know the busiest applications, busiest hosts, etc.
  • Activities on the network such as voice, viruses, worms, attacks, and DNS are all low-level and may not appear on a top-n view or even the top thousand conversations. Having a well-designed workflow for identifying interesting traffic patterns and finding even the smallest volume of interesting data can make the difference between minutes and hours (or even days) in getting to root cause.


Fastest flow rates in the industry

TruView-Flow’s 300K flows/sec on a single appliance represents that fastest flow rate in the industry. With the ability to leverage multiple TruView-Flow systems on a single TruView-Central, you’ve got infinite scalability to meet the largest enterprises and carriers in the world without sacrificing raw flow visibility.

Powerful Traffic Analysis

Having all the flows at your fingertips is meaningless if you can’t quickly isolate down to the traffic of importance. TruView-Flow allows for fast and intuitive drilldown that allows you to generate complex queries and filters to identify and find interesting traffic patterns.

Retrospective Analysis

No need to race against time to find a problem before data is deleted – Unlike competing solutions that can only store raw flows for hours or days, TruView stores all flows for a week or even more depending on storage capacity. TruView gives you the granular data for a usable amount of time to perform retrospective analysis.

QoS Visibility

Deploying and managing Quality of Service (QoS) requires insight into what traffic is on the network. Deploying QoS requires that you understand the traffic on the network before applying marking. Once QoS is deployed it is crucial to verify that traffic is marked properly and in the correct queues. Finally, as bandwidth demands increase, you need visibility into how heavily utilized each queue is, and the makeup of that utilization.

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TruView-F 100K
TruView-F 300K
Flows per Second 100,000 300,000
Storage 8 TB 12 TB
Rack-Space 2U 2U