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OneTouch AT G2


Upgrade your old OneTouch AT Test Module to get 802.11AC benefits and more.

Upgrade to the new OneTouch™ AT G2 Network Assistant

The offer

Customers who own a OneTouch AT can enjoy a significant discount when they order the upgrade kit to replace the older OneTouch G1 test module that they currently own with a new OneTouch G2 test module.

To get Gold Support: the upgrade will void current Gold Support for the OneTouch unit. The customer can purchase 1 year of Gold Support for the upgrade kit to get a full year of Gold Support for the upgraded unit. The Gold Support SKU's (1TG2-UGD1-1YS, 1TG2-UGD2-1YS, 1TG2-UGD3-1YS) for the upgrade kit can only be purchased along with the purchase of the upgrade kit.

Offer Eligible Purchase Benefit
More than 22% savings when trading up to a OneTouch AT G2 test module 1T-3000




• >22% discount off list price

• Upgrade to a 1TG2-3000, which has a 802.11ac 3x3 antenna, non-802.11 interferer detection, Wi-Fi and Wired performance test, packet capture capabilities and more

OneTouch AT G2 Upgrade Form

Step 1:

Check the tester that you currently own: 

(check one)

Step 2:

Enter serial number of the OneTouch G1 test module:

and Gold Number (if applicable):

The Serial Number for both the Platform and the Module of the unit can be viewed in the “Tool” menu, and then scroll down to “Maintenance Tools/Version Information".

Step 3:

Complete and sign agreement:
In consideration for which I will receive a discount off the price of a new NETSCOUT OneTouch AT G2 3000 Network Assistant Test Module, I understand that upon receipt of the form, NETSCOUT will not be liable to provide warranty or support to the OneTouch G1 Test Module with serial number indicated in this form. Customer agrees to cease the use of the said G1 module upon receipt of the G2 module.


Print name: 





Step 4:

Purchase the appropriate upgrade SKU and if applicable, 1- or 3-year Gold Support. A copy of this form must accompany the order.

Terms and conditions:

  • Upgrade form must be fully completed and signed by the purchaser and must accompany any orders wishing to take advantage of this offer. No order with the OneTouch AT G2 Upgrade model will be processed without a signed copy of this form.
  • Only one qualifying test module may be included in the offer per OneTouch AT G2 Upgrade model ordered.
  • The purchaser must be the legal owner of the OneTouch unit and module stated in this form.
  • Offer good anywhere OneTouch AT 1TG2-3000 and OneTouch AT Gold Support is sold.