The Right Rx for Ensuring Network & Application Performance

nGeniusONE: The Right Rx for Ensuring Network and
Application Performance


  • nGeniusONE delivers visibility into Citrix environment and WAN network
  • Rapidly pinpoint root cause of network and application slowdowns
  • Reduced MTTR
A large, national nonprofit healthcare provider with thousands of doctors and its own insurance plan has a mission to provide costeffective, superior quality healthcare services to millions of members across multiple states, hundreds of medical office buildings, and several dozen hospital locations.

The Challenge: Network Slowdowns a Bitter Pill for Prescription Services

Delivering quality care is an enterprise-wide mission. For this large, national healthcare provider, maintaining network and application service assurance is critical when it comes to managing millions of outpatient visits, hundreds of thousands of inpatient surgeries and filling millions of prescriptions annually. As a result, IT is under constant pressure to ensure that the significant investment in technology infrastructure supports the highest quality healthcare services.

One critical aspect of this provider’s care is pharmacy services, which happens to be an important profit center generating millions of dollars each year for the organization. As patients arrive at in-house pharmacies, network slowdowns that delay prescription retrieval, insurance approvals and prompt billing can result in long lines and extended wait times. These degradations have a direct impact on patient care, experience and the provider’s bottom line. Because patients can take prescriptions to any pharmacy of their choosing, there was an urgent need to quickly pinpoint the root cause of network and application issues and improve mean time to repair (MTTR).

The Solution: nGeniusONE Provides Critical Visibility into Network Infrastructure

To address their service assurance concerns, the provider’s IT team turned to longtime technology partner, NETSCOUT™, to utilize the nGeniusONE™ solution in many of their locations. The nGeniusONE

Service Assurance platform with Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology and InfiniStream® appliances offer traffic-based intelligence for rapid and clear insights into service performance across primary and backup data centers. Armed with this data, IT is better able to triage and troubleshoot issues with not only their pharmacy applications, but also with other patient care-impacting application services, such as electronic medical records (EMRs), imaging, unified communications (UC), physician order entry and patient-facing web services.

Using nGeniusONE, IT is able to gain much needed visibility into its Citrix® environment, which provides web access to the organization’s prescription application and related servers and databases. The NETSCOUT solution provides further insight into slowness and unresponsive servers in the WAN network - from remote locations to the data centers. NETSCOUT’s holistic analysis reveals interrelationships of the prescription applications, Citrix services and supporting network infrastructure.

Value: Rapidly Pinpoint Root Cause of Slowdowns

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE solution has been a true success story for this healthcare organization. Service dependency mapping and session analysis has enabled IT to quickly pinpoint the root cause of network and application slowdowns. nGeniusONE enables:
  • Reduced MTTR which results in improved customer/patient experience.
  • Improved performance of prescription services that protects millions of dollars in profits
  • Critical insights, allowing for better resource and capacity planning.
This powerful solution helps keep the network and vital applications operating like a finely-oiled machine. Overall, the delivery of quality healthcare is better supported, fulfilling the mission of the organization.