Helps Keep Critical Applications in the Prime of Health

nGeniusONE: Helps Keep Critical Applications
in the Prime of Health


  • nGeniusONE improves triage and MTTR by up to 90%
  • Issue resolution reduced from days to less than 60 minutes
  • Pinpoint root cause with great data and great analytics
  • Eliminates cumbersome log scraping
This major northwestern U.S. healthcare organization is a provider of a full range of services, from primary to urgent care, for more than 20 hospitals, 1,500 doctors and hundreds of clinical offices, as well as payer services with more than three quarters of a million insurance members.

The Challenge: Diagnosing the Root Cause of Network Slowdowns

While IT professionals may not wear stethoscopes and white coats, they do play a critical role in the continuum of quality healthcare. For this major healthcare organization, medical personnel depend on state-of-the-art technology throughout their distributed network to share electronic medical records (EMRs), imaging, and prescription services in order to treat patients safely and efficiently, while remaining HIPAA compliant. As Guardians of the Connected World™, IT is under the microscope to ensure there are no slowdowns or outages, so applications can run at peak performance. After all, there can be NO OFF in healthcare networks.

As a result of the ever-growing dependency on imaging services, doctors, nurses and diagnosticians were all experiencing slow downloads over the network when accessing their patients’ X-Rays, MRIs, EKGs, sonograms and other images. With upwards of three hundred applications running simultaneously on the network, bandwidth became overwhelmed. These slowdowns were negatively impacting patient treatment and care throughout the organization. IT needed to quickly determine the root cause of the delay, however, conducting log scrapes to uncover the problem was proving to be a labor intensive process, taking days at a time to finally pinpoint the source.

The Solution: nGeniusONE Delivers Rapid Insights into Traffic Workflows

As a long-term customer, the healthcare organization’s IT team turned to NETSCOUT™ to help diagnose the root cause of its network

slowdowns. Using nGeniusONE™ Service Assurance platform with patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology, InfiniStream® appliances and nGenius® packet flow switches, IT gained traffic-based intelligence for rapid and clear insights into service performance across their entire IT environment – including the primary data center, active backup center and disaster recovery facilities.

Using nGeniusONE, IT was able to determine that the high traffic was directly attributed to a single imaging device. Further investigation revealed that this device was sending a large volume of erroneous authentication requests across the network. Armed with this diagnosis, the team was able to quickly triage the issues and remove the device from the network, enabling a return to normal response times when pulling up images.

Value: Dramatically Reduced MTTR from Days Down to Minutes

The NETSCOUT solution has been a game changer for this healthcare organization. nGeniusONE has reduced triage and mean time to repair (MTTR) by 80 to 90%. Whereas in the past, it took dedicated IT staff days performing log scraping to uncover the source of a problem, with nGeniusONE it now takes less than 60 minutes to reveal the root cause.

Service dependency mapping and alarms in the dashboard helped identify the cause of the high volume of imaging service requests, using session analysis to pinpoint the problem device and error traffic, allowing the IT team to quickly troubleshoot and resolve the problem. As a result of this powerful solution, critical imaging, prescription information, billing information and EMRs are reaching healthcare professionals rapidly and reliably – meeting HIPAA regulations. IT is better equipped to keep networks and critical applications in prime health, which is good for everyone’s well-being.