No company will successfully implement any new technology if they can’t effectively manage it.

Is your network operations team fully prepared to address the issues that arise with both internal and external technologies?

Here are 7 questions to ask:

  1. Does your IT organization have a well-understood, integrated plan for the evolution of its applications, compute, storage, networking and security?
  2. Does your organization have a well-understood plan for how network management will evolve to respond to the ongoing business and technology changes?
  3. Does your organization have a well-understood plan for the evolution of the skills of its network engineers?
  4. Does your organization regularly assess the tools used for network management and budget for upgrades or more contemporary solutions?
  5. How much of a consideration is the ability to troubleshoot problems when your organization makes decisions to adopt new services such as public cloud services or implement SDN?
  6. How often does your organization identify and eliminate problems before they impact the user?
  7. To what degree does your organization have a CYA approach to network management whereby each technology domain tries to prove that they are not the source of the problem?