TruView Network Performance | NETSCOUT
Network Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting
A key concern facing IT today is being able to obtain the visibility needed to be able to identify and solve network performance problems in today's ever increasingly complex network environment. With the proliferation of virtualized components, cloud based services, and BYOD (Bring your own device); Quickly seeing who is consuming WAN resources is critical. After all, WAN resources are the single smallest bottleneck of most infrastructures.

Within these complex environments, modern IT organizations are challenged with being able to measure and validate performance against established baselines and SLA's. Visual recognizes these challenges and designed TruView with the ability to provide performance visibility into device/interface availability be it physical or virtual, traffic analysis details across LAN, WAN, and Cloud environments, and uncovers threatening traffic patterns where you may be playing host to rogue or other non-production traffic.

“There has been a paradigm shift within our department as we have moved from ‘It’s not my problem’ to what is the problem and how do we solve it. Instead of guessing where the problem is, Visual can pinpoint the impacted area.”
- Brussels Metro Transport Co.