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Verify Your Network Performance with OneTouch

Today’s access networks keep getting more complex and distributed to support IoTs and mobile users.

With diverse skill levels across IT operation teams it’s important to be able to elevate the capability of your team quickly, and cost effectively so that the network can keep running at full speed all the time.

  • What if you encounter issues at a remote location?
  • Issues that just happen too intermittently to get to root cause?
  • And those tough times when you have to prove to the internal team or 3rd party service provider that it is not your network that causes user complaints or application degrade?

Any one of these problems will cost you a lot of time, money and effort on an already tight budget.

Just OneTouch will solve your problems

By deploying the OneTouch™ as your on-site proxy you will help your team solve more problems faster, escalate issues more efficiently and validate performance of wired and Wi-Fi networks easily.

Throughput testing to a Remote Site using NPT Reflector Software or another OneTouch

The OneTouch AT Network Assistant offers:

  • Programmable AutoTest with Pass/Fail indication
  • Dedicated test hardware for validating performance of 802.11ac, and up to 10Gbps Ethernet link
  • Measure interference, throughput, jitter, and latency
  • Fully remote over web-browser for remote location visibility and collaboration with your local team
  • Advance test features to troubleshoot root cause: network discovery, switch path discovery, protocol capture, and VoIP analysis

Ask about our COMBO SKUs and get up to 25% off

1TG2-1500-2PAK OneTouch AT G2 1500 2-Pack
1TG2-3000-2PAK OneTouch AT G2 3000 2-Pack
1T10G-1000-2PAK OneTouch AT 10G 1000 2-Pack
1T10G-MOD-2PAK OneTouch AT 10G 1000 Test Module 2-Pack
1TG2-1T10G-CBO OneTouch AT 1TG2-3000 and 1T10G-1000 combo
1TG2-1T10GM-CBO OneTouch AT G2 3000 and OneTouch AT 10G 1000 Module combo


For additional information: Email: [email protected] Phone 844-833-3713 (US/Canada) or 978-320-2150 (other locations).




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