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VanRan Communications Case Study

NETSCOUT’ Network Time Machine Cuts Troubleshooting Time in Half for Voice and Data Telecom Company

VanRan Communications helps customers deploy converged voice and data systems based on AVAYA technology. When problems emerge with voice quality or the stability of a system, engineers need to quickly isolate the issue and identify if the network or hardware is to blame. Unfortunately, this process is time consuming and difficult, often taking months of troubleshooting time with tools like Wireshark. Making matters worse, issues are not always isolated, causing VanRan to redeploy additional resources and hardware in an attempt to fix the problem. To accelerate the troubleshooting process and increase accuracy, VanRan engineers needed a solution that simplified simultaneous data capture and instantly combined data flows so engineers could accurately isolate a problem, prove its source, and fix it fast.

VanRan selected NETSCOUT Network Time Machine™, an all-in-one packet capture appliance for network and application analysis. With the solution, VanRan engineers have dramatically improved their ability to identify root cause, increasing their success rate from roughly 50 percent to more than 95 percent. Furthermore, engineers have dramatically reduced the amount of time spent finding a problem by approximately 50 percent. The ability to streamline the troubleshooting process has helped increase customer satisfaction and allowed VanRan engineers to get more done in less time.

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