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Don’t Get Caught Making These Network Management Mistakes

Absent well defined processes for dealing with the inevitable network or application issues, network engineers – who are time and budget challenged – tend to fall back on personal ‘tried and true’ approaches to troubleshooting.

But in today’s complex environments, you need more.  Let’s start by looking at the top 10 mistakes made every day and how to avoid the pitfalls that follow. 

This White Paper Covers:

  • Making assumptions about the root cause of a problem
  • "This fix worked before, let's try it again" Troubleshooting
  • Rebooting the Problem Away
  • Upgrading the Problem Away
  • Delivering new connections to users without validating them
  • Failure to create a baseline during normal network performance
  • Lack of wireless tools and experience
  • Under-monitoring the Network
  • Misunderstanding the operation of core technologies
  • Using laptop hardware to capture packets

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