Thought Leader White Paper with Brian Philips | NETSCOUT


Thought Leader White Paper with Brian Philips, Chief Solutions Architect at NETSCOUT:

The proliferation of applications and EMRs is putting pressure on healthcare IT shops to add HL7 as needed and keep the communications and interoperability standard performing optimally. Failure to do so is costly for healthcare organizations. Patients and clinicians want reliable access to electronic patient records, whether it’s a surgeon calling-up CAT scan results or a patient questioning a billing statement. “A lot of consumers get used to fast turnarounds, and when that doesn’t happen, or they have to make multiple phone calls to get something scheduled or resolved, their satisfaction level drops dramatically,” explained Brian Philips, chief solutions architect at NETSCOUT.

Learn from Brian’s expertise in working with several NETSCOUT customers and leaders in healthcare.

Brian Philips
Chief Solutions Architect