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Tecnatom Case Study

Tecnatom Engineers Top Application Performance with TruView™ From NETSCOUT

Tecnatom, based in Madrid, Spain, offers global engineering services to companies involved in the nuclear energy production sector. Since its founding in 1957, the company has grown to more than 750 highly-skilled employees today, delivering innovative solutions to over 1,000 users spread over multiple national and international sites. Because of its growth and the distributed nature of its services, Tecnatom needed a solution that could monitor its systems and accelerate incident resolution. With clients in diverse markets and locations, Tecnatom began searching for an intuitive application and network monitoring solution that was easy to deploy, required little maintenance work, and streamlined technicians' workflow.

Following its deployment, TruView has allowed Tecnatom to drastically improve incident resolution. Diagnosis times have been reduced to just four clicks or 30 seconds. This time savings has increased productivity, not only for users who have seen significant improvements in incident resolution times, but also for technicians who can now quickly identify, diagnose, and address system issues. Being empowered to solve even complex issues quickly and reliably has increased the IT team's confidence, success, and overall reputation in the company.

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