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Technology Success Story Case Study

Global Technology company needs to ensure all locations have access to critical network and applications

A multi-national diversified technology company is on the path to outsourcing 100% of their IT including VoIP and network management. They also rely heavily on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to manage identity and other requirements. The company always looks to the cloud first when adopting new IT services.

Working with NETSCOUT, they installed TruView Pulse 1000s at 25 locations as a test to monitor access to SaaS applications. The TruView Pulses are very easy to use; requiring no configuration or expensive agent machines. The IT department just sent them to the locations, had someone turn them on, and then they started monitoring access to the critical SaaS applications. With the ease and success of TruView Live with the TruView Pulses, the organization is planning a rollout to all their global locations. As an added benefit of having TruView Pulses in every location, they will be able to monitor the connectivity between any of the locations.

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