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Technical Brief: Cloud Service Delivery Monitoring


The cloud and the network continue to grow in their interdependence. The current method of polling and pinging for availability and utilization is not effective in understanding the efficiency of the network or in understanding what applications are being offered to the end user via the cloud either from downloading an App, hosting in a cloud environment, or running remotely at a private data center. Public cloud providers and services are only concerned with the infrastructure it controls and there are too many outside variables when troubleshooting. The enterprise IT departments' success in supporting and managing new cloud services ultimately will rely on the visibility and optimization of the network.

Performance requirements put constant pressure on IT to increase bandwidth in order to provide an effective service to the business, while cost management requires that this is limited, or even reduced. So, how can an IT organization manage these conflicting pressures?

Capabilities – Why Visual?
  • Provides continuous auto discovery from layer 1 through layer 7 analysis of the network.
  • Removes finger pointing at the network and unnecessary trouble ticket creation with network service providers.
  • Quicker domain isolation within the IT support infrastructure.

Layer 1 through Layer 7 visibility with auto-application discovery time correlated. Very few tools on the market can claim last mile, local loop physical layer visibility. Layer 1 errors shown below can affect layer 7 application issues.


Busiest Applications by data volume

Bandwidth analysis by polling or flows will be skewed based upon averages and the polling cycle understanding network burst traffic requires continuous 1 second monitoring 24 by 7 by 365, especially for viewing that elusive 30 second VoIP call.



Continuous auto discovery of applications, servers and class of service (CoS) in real time with drill down capabilities to the host and destination.



Easy to use navigation with filtering showing breadcrumbs from overview to packets.


Sweep into a selected time and drill into smaller samples of data for specific time period.

Busiest links report

Auto-discover and time synchronize the network with web hosted applications for quick situational awareness.

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See the Difference
  • Continuous auto discovery and monitoring of the link to the cloud to ensure support for new cloud based solutions will maintain higher customer satisfaction.
  • Time synchronized application, bandwidth servers and class of service visibility allows for proper troubleshooting ownership to be assigned.

In order to have a successful roll out of private or public clouds, 'as a service' VoIP, Video, BYOD, VDI, or data center consolidation, the network is key to controlling costs. Don't forget that. Every new deployment of technology requires real time and historical visibility on the network with application aware discovery. Every article, blog, or industry expert on any of the above strategic initiatives has a paragraph, bullet, or sentence discussing the importance of visibility on the network. Start now with rolling out an application aware network performance monitoring solution from NETSCOUT.