Visual has been Sprint's leading performance management solution since 1996, with a strong emphasis on Service Level Agreement (SLA) validation. Sprint-Nextel offers two managed solutions based on the Visual Performance management platform, Web-Based Network Manager and Managed CSU/DSU.

Sprint-Nextel’s Web-Based Network Manager (WBNM) is a flexible solution which provides Enterprises with actionable intelligence to optimize application and VOIP delivery across the Wide Area Network infrastructure. The WBNM solution also extends the Sprint-Nextel SLA to the customer premise and can be used as an SLA validation tool, backed by Sprint-Nextel’s service guarantee.

Sprint-Nextel’s Managed CSU/DSU (MDSU) solution includes all of the features and benefits to the Enterprise of the WBNM offering and is also backed by Sprint-Nextel’s Managed Network Services (MNS) organization for an enriched customer experience. MDSU Customers receive 24x7 Proactive monitoring, notification, escalation, and dispatch for Network outages and equipment failures, as well a fully-featured web-portal for viewing and submitting Trouble tickets, Access Management Reports, and implementation status and schedules.

CPE Resale, Leasing Sprint has a CPE Resale program, which provides purchase and lease options for customers. The CPE Resale program can be used to offer customers a stand-alone Visual UpTime Select system for customers who prefer to manage the platform on their own.