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Solarity Credit Union Case Study

Solarity Credit Union Embarks on Ambitious Network Overhaul with OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Saddled with a mixed bag of post-merger legacy equipment with minimal documentation, Solarity was in urgent need of a network upgrade. Faced with the task of a major network overhaul, the credit union needed a solution that empowered them to troubleshoot network issues and determine the root cause of the slowdowns and information loss that had plagued the company since its merger.

Solarity chose the NETSCOUT OneTouch™ AT G2 tool with 802.11ac functionality to help address its network challenges. In less than a year, Solarity has been able to reengineer its entire network core, transforming it into a fast, reliable enterprise-class system. The OneTouch AT G2, along with several other NETSCOUT tools used by Solarity’s IT team, continue to provide monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities that give the credit union a comprehensive foundation for future growth.

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