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Site Survey Best Practices

A site survey is performed in order to collect data of the RF at a site that allows analysis of the wireless network coverage and performance. Leveraging data obtained from a survey, one can take actionable steps to address any network deficiencies found, or feel confident that the network is performing as best as can be expected.

Download this paper to get all the know-how for a site survey of the Wi-Fi network – from preparing and conducting, to analyzing and reporting the results.

You'll learn

  • The impact of planning when conducting a site survey
  • Evaluating the various stages to conduct a survey, whether it be pre-deployment, mid-operation or post-deployment
  • How to best determine what data to collect based on the type of survey, and knowing when enough data has been collected
  • The importance of analyzing the survey results, and options for reporting that data for actionable results

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