Saudi German Hospital Case Study

Saudi German Hospital-Dubai Remains the Most Advanced Hospital Network in the Middle East with the OptiView XG

The Saudi German Hospital-Dubai is widely considered the most state-of-the-art hospital in the Middle East. An advanced IT network and hundreds of applications enable an all-digital patient health record management system. The network features 3,500 nodes with virtualized server and end-user client architectures. This advanced network and all-digital environment benefits doctors and patients, but also increases the expectations of the hospital’s IT team. There is no room for error. Doctors must have immediate access to critical records and applications to make the right patient diagnosis and treatment decisions. With life-and-death consequences at stake, the network and applications must perform 24/7 with no downtime and absolutely no exceptions. With each disparate system operating in a silo and requiring different monitoring and management tools, the entire system was unnecessarily complex and time-consuming to administer.

The OptiView XG eliminates the need for each hospital system and application to have a separate management and reporting tool. The device provides complete network visibility across the hospital’s virtualized architecture, helping the IT team see where problems and performance issues arise so they can be addressed quickly before hospital operations and patient care are adversely affected. If a remote problem does arise, the OptiView XG can be taken to that physical location for on-the-spot analysis and troubleshooting.

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