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Pruitt Communications Case Study for XG

Pruitt Communications Uses NETSCOUT’ OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet to Verify Network Readiness and Troubleshoot VoIP Deployments for Customers

Pruitt Communications deploys VoIP and unified communications systems for a variety of enterprise, healthcare and government organizations throughout the United States. Key to the process is conducting network assessments to validate the readiness of infrastructure prior to deploying a new system. With the inability to cost-effectively conduct performance testing, Pruitt outsourced these assessments to a specialist, resulting in a loss of service revenue. In addition, following the assessment phase, the company is required to troubleshoot any problems that are uncovered, and once deployed, validate the performance and deliver troubleshooting support services. To accomplish all of this Pruitt used a variety of complex tools that required manual correlations of data, costing the team valuable time and resources.

After seeing NETSCOUT'S OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet in action with a partner, the team at Pruitt Communications knew it was the solution they needed. It allows them to bring network assessments in-house and conduct network performance testing to generate and measure traffic flows across the client and service provider networks, validating the support of a VoIP rollout. The OptiView XG also gives the team automated network and application analysis, so as problems emerge they can instantly isolate and remediate an issue. Finally, once deployed the team can quickly provide ongoing troubleshooting and support via remote access capabilities with the tablet.

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