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Wireless Site Assessment

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Site surveys ensure a successful and efficient wireless network deployment. NETSCOUT’ Wireless Site Assessment service helps organizations looking to deploy WLAN and those currently using wireless technologies to assess the environment for optimal wireless network design, management and potential security concerns.

  • New installations—determine capital investment and obtain the number and preferred location of access points for the best coverage before the initial deployment

  • Existing installations—verify the number of access points required versus the number actually deployed and validate their location to ensure optimal performance for all end users

  • Ongoing optimization—ensure optimal performance by conducting periodic site surveys in order to account for changes in the WLAN environment

NETSCOUT’ site assessment service uses automated software and industry best practices to locate and map authorized and unauthorized wireless access points, review any corporate access point deployment, analyze the environment for interference and design and plan a WLAN network.

NETSCOUT will deliver the following:
  • AutoCAD drawings identifying recommended AP installation locations
  • Site survey report containing individual floor plans that indicate AP mounting recommendations, sources of interference and areas of concern/out of scope including survey files
  • Heat map showing RF coverage of the entire floor
  • Spectrum analysis report including the locations shown graphically on a floor plan of possible interferers such as microwave ovens and cordless phones
  • Bill of materials including all access point antennae, power injectors, cables and grounding needed for complete installation
  • Test methodology and tools

What will NETSCOUT do onsite?

Gather requirements—an initial planning session will be held to review preliminary design requirements, confirm your objectives and goals for assessment. We will also identify and confirm the in-scope and out-of-scope areas for design, in-scope areas that have AP mounting restrictions and review floor plans to bring attention to any potential trouble areas

Perform the survey—indoor and outdoor surveys, active surveys enabling real-world measurements, spectrum analysis and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) surveys if needed

Deliver the results—comprehensive and easy-to-understand report with a bill of materials for complete installation

What does the site assessment include?
The site assessment includes:

  • Network verification and validation per specifications. Expert recommendation and advice provided in order to achieve desired specifications

  • Spectrum Analysis to identify RF interference sources from non-WLAN sources in a single survey
    • Visualization of RF energy at any location and identification and display of non-802.11 devices interfering with WLAN

  • Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) survey. Coverage maps built specifically for voice networks includes call quality, phone roaming zones (roaming stats), channel utilization and voice-readiness validation

  • Outdoor surveys

What are NETSCOUT’ site assessment offerings?

  • Small site assessment—buildings of less than 30,000 square feet and on no more than two floors
  • Medium site assessment—buildings of 30,000-60,000 square feet and on no more than two floors
  • Large site assessment—building of 60,000-100,000 square feet on no more than two floors
  • For buildings over 100,000 square feet and more than two floors, contact NETSCOUT
  • Outdoor surveys—integration with outdoor wireless environments

Benefits of Wireless Site Assessments

RF signals are very unpredictable. If an access point is placed in an open environment without obstacles, the signals usually maintain an omni-directional pattern. However, when obstacles and walls are introduced, the RF signals are disrupted and access point coverage varies based on location.

Site surveys determine signal coverage, throughput requirements, interfering sources, dead spots, potential roaming behavior, etc. and helps determine:
  • How many access points are needed for the best wireless coverage
  • Where to deploy access points
  • How to configure each access point to ensure optimal coverage for all end users

Without site surveys it is difficult to determine the capital investment needed to deploy the wireless network in a timely and cost efficient manner.

It is important not to generalize every wireless deployment in terms of requirements. For example, in an office environment where file and print services and Internet access are the primary needs, a few dead spots may be tolerable. But in a healthcare environment where medical personnel require unrestricted wireless access to patient information this is unacceptable. Without site surveys it would be virtually impossible to determine if the technical requirements of the business can be supported.

Cost of a Wireless Site Assessment

The Wireless Site Assessment is a custom engagement. Contact your local NETSCOUT’ representative by calling (408-585-6400, Option #1 or send an email for scoping and pricing information.

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