Packaging Manufacturer VPM Case Study | NETSCOUT

Packaging Manufacturer VPM Case Study

NETSCOUT’ Visual Performance Manager™ Ensures Network and Application Performance of Packaging Systems for Large Manufacturer

Filling machines and aseptic beverage packaging systems at a large manufacturer in Germany play a vital role in helping hundreds of companies worldwide bring products to market. These complex systems include heavy manufacturing equipment run by proprietary software that is all networked into backend systems that a customer and staff from the large manufacturer monitor and work with. In order to ensure the successful deployment and operation of these systems, the manufacturer must have complete insight into a customer’s network and application performance, and be able to identify issues and remediate them in real-time. If problems emerge with network performance, a stoppage or slow production cycle could occur, costing the organization both time and money.

To ensure complete insight into network and application performance, the manufacturer selected Visual Performance Manager (VPM) from NETSCOUT. This network and application performance monitoring solution allows the team to guarantee the reliability of its packaging systems to customers. If a problem does emerge, or a change on the network impacts performance, it can be investigated from a centralized dashboard with just a few clicks, and remediated in just minutes. Without this level of monitoring and performance data, the manufacturer would not be able to provide some of the most reliable packaging production systems in the world.

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