OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet Application Videos

OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet Application Videos

Product Review: OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet Review of OptiView XG
Product review video by Mike Pennacchi, Network Protocol Specialists. 4:24 minutes


Ensuring Performance in a Changing Data Center
In this video, we will look at how to ensure high performance of business critical applications in a constantly changing data center. It's true that change is constant in today's core data centers, with upgrades to network links, installation of new applications, and consolidation of key systems happening every day. The OptiView XG is critical to engineers to ensure that theData Center is ready through all stages of a project lifecycle.


Custom Dashboards:  Speed Time to Resolution with the Right View, For You
In this video, we will see how viewing too much statistical data on the network can cloud the root cause of a performance issue and increase the time it takes to isolate and troubleshoot it. Using Custom Dashboards on the OptiView XG, non-essential network details to a performance problem are still captured, but kept out of sight, allowing you to focus on the critical data you need for your specific responsibility within the IT Organization.


Pinpoint network health problems – fast! Network_Health
How healthy is the network that delivers your business critical applications? Are you sure? In this 10 minute video, we look at how to perform a network health assessment using the Infrastructure Health feature of the OptiView XG. This test unearths problem points on the network so they can be resolved - before they impact important business applications.


Proving It’s Not the Network with 1Click NetTest Path_Analysis
The first step in resolving most application performance problems is determining if the problem resides in the network, servers, or in the application itself. Using the automated 1-Click NetTest and Path Analysis features of the OptiView XG, the path a packet takes from client to server can be quickly determined, identifying all switch and router interfaces involved along the way. In this 10 minute video, we explore how to quickly determine if the network is involved in the performance problem, or if it is free from blame.



Video - Problems Have Nowhere to Hide from OptiView XG Problems have no where to hide
Hear NETSCOUT’ own Mark Mullins as he explains our flexible architecture for troubleshooting network and application performance.



Troubleshooting both sides of the access point Troubleshooting both sides of the Access Point
This 10 minute video shows how application usage over wireless networks is increasing, and with that increase comes the need to analyze and troubleshoot these systems. Don’t let blind spots get in the way of resolving problems! See how the OptiView XG with integrated AirMagnet Wireless Tools gives you visibility into both sides of the access point, helping engineers get to the root of performance problems quickly.