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Odea Bank Case Study

Odeabank A.S. Finds Unmatched Network Visibility with TruView

Odeabank A.S. is a financial and banking services provider based in Istanbul, Turkey with 1,500 people working at 50 branch locations in 20 cities. Odeabank must continuously monitor its extensive network and application mix, including more than 600 virtual servers, to ensure optimum service levels. Employees use vital banking applications to manage money and provide superb service, while Odeabank customers require flawless 24/7 online access to their bank accounts. With the variability of potential issues that can slow network performance, and customer satisfaction and worker productivity at stake, the company needed to manage application performance and ensure end-to-end visibility of the network, including the granular detail necessary to identify issues and analyze root causes.

Odeabank now uses TruView from NETSCOUT to monitor all of its applications, network infrastructure and more than 600 virtual servers from a central dashboard. The TruView solution provides end-to-end visibility, packet capture analysis and root-cause analysis. Recently, Odeabank experienced some slowness on an application running across all sites. With TruView, the IT team quickly identified the situation before users even registered there was a problem. The TruView application-monitoring dashboard showed IT that the network round-trip time was acceptable, but the application response time was high. The team quickly added new servers to the application pool and the issue was resolved.

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