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Network & Application Troubleshooting Guide

Despite all the variables in networks, applications, complexity and priorities, one thing remains constant – when problems strike, the first call goes to the network team to troubleshoot and analyze. Here's a handy guide to help network engineers and technicians stay ahead of inevitable network and application issues.  


Background On:

  • The TCP Protocol
  • The Life of a Packet
  • Other Troubleshooting Factors
  • Why UDP is so Different
  • Why is Understanding Troubleshooting Important

Application Flow:

  • The Amazing Sequence of Events in Connecting to a Server
  • DHCP
  • DNS Lookups
  • ARP Broadcasting
  • The Route to the Server
  • Establishing the Connection to the Server
  • Sender/Receiver Interaction
    • The Flow of Data
    • Closing the Connection
  • Understanding How Applications Fail
    • Failures with DNS
    • Failures with ARP
    • Failures with Routing
    • Problems in Establishing a Connection
    • Slow Responses from Servers
    • Closing the Connection

Troubleshooting Applications:

  • Baselining
  • Five Key Steps to Successful Application Troubleshooting
  • Determine the domain of the problem and exonerate the network
  • Validating Connectivity to the Application Server
  • Determine the Network Path
  • Application Flow Analysis
  • Using OptiView® Integrated ClearSight™ Analyzer
  • Fix the Problem
  • Validate the Fix
  • Document the Fix

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