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Manufacturing Success Story

Services Company needs to be aware of when there is a problem anywhere in their network, even with hosted applications

A large multinational electronics manufacturing services company using cloud based applications, infrastructure, and platforms to streamline IT encountered an issue with the service from its SaaS supplier. The hosted service had an outage and notified executives at the manufacturing company before the company’s IT division had even known there was a problem. This led to the appearance that IT was not aware of everything in their own network.

After extensive testing, the company determined that TruView Live gives them the visibility they need to be aware of the status and performance of their entire network and act pro-actively to communicate when there are any problems with the hosted applications. Since this need was identified after their annual IT budget planning, another compelling benefit of TruView Live is that it is sold as a subscription. The subscription can be an operating expense instead of a new capital investment allowing the IT department more flexibility in timing of purchase and increasing deployment, as needed.

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