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Lowndes County Case Study

Optiview XG Network Analysis Tablet Gives Lowndes County, GA the Power to Quickly Diagnose, Repair and Even Design Networks

Lowndes County, Georgia has an IT staff of 7 to support 700 users across multiple agencies (including emergency services) on a mixed wired and wireless network running a number of specialized and industry-specific applications. When problems arise, the team struggles to quickly and proactively remediate network or applications issues before they impact end users. Furthermore, when problems involve third-party vendors, the team must constantly prove the network is not at fault. Using a variety of cumbersome tools, this process can be time consuming and difficult to prove the findings.

The county selected NETSCOUT’ OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet to provide network, application and wireless monitoring and troubleshooting. The tablet dramatically shortens the time Lowndes County’s IT staff needs to identify, diagnose and remediate problems, often finding and resolving issues before they are apparent to end users. In addition, the OptiView XG allows the IT department to better leverage its staff by effectively “up-leveling” the capabilities of its junior technicians to handle issues that would previously require a more experienced technician. By enabling the team to generate detailed reports of network activity at the node or device level, the tablet has also made it easier to rule out network or hardware problems when opening trouble tickets with third-party application vendors.

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