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Key Information Systems Case Study

Key Information Systems Adds Customer Value with Packet-Level Analysis from TruView

Challenge: Key Information Systems is an IT consulting firm and value-added reseller that provides a variety of services to enterprise customers, including on-premise computing, storage and network solutions, cloud-enabled data centers and other Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions.

The company designs IT solutions to meet the most demanding computing environments, including its own. For Key Information Systems, ensuring an optimal network and application performance level isn’t just a good idea, it’s an example of the service and infrastructure the company can develop for its clients. However, when network or application performance problems emerge internally or at customer sites, the IT team had to rely on basic red-light/green-light status updates. Getting detailed transactional data and conducting analysis to solve problems was a painful, time-intensive process for engineers and required troubleshooting with complex tools as they searched to isolate the root cause. The team needed a powerful solution that could not only monitor network and application performance metrics in real time, but also enable the team to dive into packet-level information for deeper analysis from a centralized platform.

Result: Key Information Systems deployed TruView™ from NETSCOUT to gain greater visibility into both internal and customer network and application infrastructures. Using TruView, the company can manage network and application performance across its six locations and ensure delivery of widely used applications, such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint®, to staff.

The company also uses TruView to monitor and ensure performance of data center applications and connectivity to hundreds of customers for its co-location facilities. If a problem arises, the IT team can instantly dive into detailed information and analysis (via the centralized UI) of transactional data to isolate the problem and fix it before it affects the customer. Using TruView, the IT team now takes a proactive approach to problem solving instead of simply reacting to customer complaints. This saves the team at Key Information Systems precious troubleshooting time and allows them to improve how well they meet the performance expectations of customers.

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