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i2i Infrastructure Insights, Inc. Case Study

NETSCOUT’S TruView™ Provides Unprecedented Visibility into Customer Networks for Dallas-Based Network Consulting Company

i2i Infrastructure Insights is a professional services and network consulting company based in Dallas, Texas. The company provides network guidance, architecture design, and implementation services, as well as network support, IT management and monitoring for a host of clients both in the United States and internationally. With a large client base, including many retail customers that rely on network performance for business operations, i2i was searching for a way to easily gain visibility into massive enterprise networks and the applications running across them, and quickly identify performance issues that could impact workflow and/or productivity.

Results: By utilizing NETSCOUT’ TruView, i2i was not only able to gain complete visibility into its customers’ vast networks and applications, but also able to distill that information more effectively so IT could quickly isolate problems. With the application-level detail provided by TruView, i2i can quickly analyze the network and address any glaring performance or application discrepancies. This enables them to engage in team discussions about ongoing performance issues with real root cause data about either the network or application, which helps increase team productivity and reduce finger pointing. In addition, TruView enables i2i to expand its geographic footprint and service clients around the globe, making remote network monitoring a more streamlined process.

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