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High Point City Case Study

OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet Keeps Systems Running to Save Time and Money for City of High Point

The City of High Point, North Carolina, has a broad range of critical IT infrastructure it has to keep up and running at all times, including 24 x 7 emergency services. It also has the typical network challenges facing IT departments today: IPv6 and VoIP rollouts, Wi-Fi upgrades, database migrations, VMware deployments and more. And of course, perennially tight budgets. All of which meant the city’s IT team needed an integrated tool that would allow them to remain nimble, quickly address problems, eliminate travel and guesswork, build a case for system upgrades or changes, and more.

The city selected NETSCOUT’ OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet, and in the process cut their troubleshooting time by more than 75 percent. The IT team can monitor existing systems, graphically show the need for changes or upgrades, gain insight on potential problems prior to new deployments, test and manage rollouts as they occur, and quickly identify and solve any issues. In short order, it has become the go-to starting point for any IT issues facing the city, ensuring that time is never wasted.

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