GIAL Case Study

IT Provider for the City of Brussels Uses NETSCOUT’ TruView to Monitor Network and Application Performance Across the City

GIAL was created by the city of Brussels to provide and manage their IT services. GIAL also provides IT solutions for other municipal organizations, public administration offices, hospitals and more, throughout the region. Key to their success is the ability to maintain high levels of network and application performance, and to quickly and proactively respond when issues arise. Unfortunately, the Telecom team at GIAL lacked good visibility into the communication flow of the network and the performance of applications. When problems did arise, the team would reactively troubleshoot and struggled to isolate root cause. Furthermore, with no insight into how applications impacted the network, GIAL could not effectively test the rollout of new applications or accurately conduct capacity planning.

To overcome these challenges, GIAL worked closely with the Belgacom Group to select NETSCOUT’ TruView. It delivers a comprehensive application-aware network performance monitoring solution that gives the team complete insight into performance, allowing them to detect and resolve network and application issues quickly, before they impacted end-users. In addition, TruView offers the most comprehensive data capture capabilities, going beyond just SNMP to capture NetFlow, and automatically correlates all information into a single dashboard view so the team can properly plan for system upgrades and test new applications prior to deployment.

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