FloraHolland - Case Study

FloraHolland Trusts TruView™ to Monitor the Network and Applications Responsible for Auctioning 12.5 Billion Plants and Flowers Each Year

Challenge: FloraHolland is at the center of the international flower trade, selling more than 20,000 different types of plants and flowers at auction and processing $12.5 billion items and $4.4 billion each year. The remarkable size and impact of FloraHolland requires continuous operations with zero tolerance for network performance delays or downtime. FloraHolland recently encountered a response time delay between the database and the auction clock. The delay slowed the clock display information by up to two seconds between each auction, which is far too long in this environment. The IT team needed a mechanism to pinpoint the issue and determine if the root cause lay with the database, application, or network.

Results: TruView™ immediately identified the database as the root cause, as it was taking an extra second or two to process the query and respond. FloraHolland was able to optimize the database and fix the problem without wasted effort reviewing the network and application, since the issue was isolated immediately. The overarching result saves FloraHolland two hours of accumulated delays each year, equaling $200,000 in annual savings and an improved brand image for its operations.

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