End User Response Time | Monitoring End-User Experience NETSCOUT
The days of simply ‘proving it’s not the network’ are gone. The importance of understanding and supporting network performance from the end-user perspective is critical to business success. From why it matters to real-world examples, learn more about effectively addressing network and application performance issues, improving end-user response time (EURT) and deliver more value to your organization.



Is Your Trouble Ticket Path in Trouble?

Are you using trouble ticket stats to gauge network health? Statistics show that’s a bad idea.

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Putting the customer first whitepaper

Put the Customer first: Managing the User Experience

As speeds and connectivity have increased, network users expect instant access to systems on any device, at anytime, from anywhere and they are quick to complain when a service fails to meet their expectations. Learn why and how network managers need to shift their focus to the user experience.