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Education Success Story Case Study

School District needs fast performance from SaaS learning applications to keep students engaged

As K-12 education moves quickly to adopt and leverage online learning experiences, IT departments are faced with new challenges that are often out of their span of control. A large award-winning U.S. Public School District that uses multiple online learning, testing, and classroom management applications faced a challenge in providing expect quality of service for its end-users, their students.

Working with NETSCOUT TruView Live, the school deployed a Virtual Pulse on a classroom machine and ran a test to the SaaS application. The test clearly showed that the delay was occurring after reaching the SaaS application With this information, the IT Manger was able to work with the SaaS provider who identified that within their application, the delay was actually occurring when they went outside to a 3rd party to get the audio file! Once identified, the SaaS provider was able to resolve the problem.

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