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Datasheet: TruView Branch AppFlows SKU 01837 Part Number 2668320

  • Understand individual application flows – client to – server, server-to-server or peer-to-peer
  • Validate applications are being properly tagged with the correct Class of Service marking
  • Isolate poor performance between the network, server and application
  • View bandwidth hogs by application and drill down to identify the source
  • Buy software module now or add later as part of the TruView™ Branch network and application performance management system
  • Identify applications running on every port across your remote locations

TruView AppFlows™

Detailed view of application flows across your infrastructure

Do you know the client-server relationship for key applications on your infrastructure? Can you isolate authorized users and applications from unauthorized activity? With TruView Branch AppFlow, you get end-to-end visibility into individual application flows so you can determine what should and shouldn’t be on your network. Validate that the right application is traversing with the correct CoS/QoS marking in the IP Header.

Quickly identify, in real time with 5 second refresh rates, which applications are on each port and drill down deeper to isolate which clients are using specific servers. You also can measure application connect and response time to improve and baseline application performance. Drill down into individual flows on applications such as VoIP, ERP, CRM or proprietary custom applications.

Auto discovering and identifying Unknown and Other IP traffic by port numbers and subnets allows for easy creation of custom applications.

Identify and monitor individual application flows

TruView AppFlows isolates application delivery issues by monitoring individual client-to-server, server-to-server and peer-to-peer application flows and measuring connect and response time for servers throughout your infrastructure.

Individual application flows

TruView AppFlows automatically detects individual application flows – whether client-to-server, server-to-server or peer-to-peer – so you can quickly identify potential problems for application performance. Now you can quickly isolate if a user is authorized and if the application is business-critical, recreational or unknown/rogue. With this information, you can determine if you need additional resources or if you should “shut off” a particular user or application so resources are being used appropriately.

Complexity of distributed applications

Most enterprises used to have business-critical applications and servers hosted at headquarters or a single data center. Now enterprises are deploying applications like VoIP, Citrix and Web services that require a distributed architecture –meaning these applications are sourced at many locations throughout the network. Instead of supporting a single host location, application and IT managers are now forced to manage many disparate locations. TruView AppFlows provides the critical visibility you need to properly monitor, manage and troubleshoot individual performance issues across every location in your infrastructure without having to dispatch technicians or equipment to remote sites.

Identify unknown and intermittent issues

When managing application delivery across the infrastructure, unknown problems or intermittent issues can grow from a minor nuisance to a full-blown outage. TruView AppFlows allows you to identify abnormalities, monitor individual flows and measure utilization across all applications on your infrastructure. For example, a virus or denial of service attack might invade your infrastructure and flood your network with useless or damaging traffic. Instead of guessing which end-users or servers are impacted, you can improve resolution time by quickly identifying and troubleshooting only the infected resources.

View performance information by server

TruView AppFlows automatically identified and tracks business-critical servers connected to your infrastructure and drills down to monitor individual server performance. By tracking usage, connect and response time and top remote hosts by server, you can isolate performance degradation between the server and the network and minimize finger-pointing between the application and network organizations.

Track business-critical applications

Most enterprises have a handful of business-critical applications that are paramount to the success of the organization. TruView AppFlows provides the detailed views to make sure these applications are performing properly. Or, more importantly, when these applications are degraded, you need visibility to isolate the cause between an issue exclusively with that application or if another application is impacting the more critical application. For example, a large burst of FTP traffic could severely impact VoIP call quality or the ability of Citrix-based applications to reach end-users.

Manage any-to-any connectivity

With distributed applications on an any-to-any network architecture (such as MPLS), TruView AppFlows can identify and monitor individual flows even if they do not use the headquarters locations. This visibility is critical to understand the end-user experience and troubleshooting potential issues remotely and with cloud bases services.

  Advanced MPLS Package
(SKU 01654)
Advance MPLS with Application Integrity
(SKU 01849)
Advanced MPLS with VoIP Integrity
(SKU 01923)
OmniPoint Element
(SKU 02224)
(SKU 02226)
Service Summary Included
Network Troubleshooting
(SKU 01611)
Back in Time
(SKU 01612)
Class of Service
(SKU 01614)
Traffic Capture (optional) (SKU 01613)
(SKU 01837)
(SKU 01838)
(SKU 01920)

*VoIP software module with OmniPoint only available on Analysis Service Elements

**AppsIntegrity is the combination of AppFlows and AppSummary. AppSummary requires AppFlows.

What is TruView Branch?
TruView is a flexible solution that can scale to help the largest enterprises, carriers and managed service providers decrease the cost of performance management, increase revenue, and optimize utilization of existing assets. This is accomplished by enabling IT organizations to become a source of competitive advantage, not a cost center, by providing actionable visibility into a centralized integration point for managing applications, VoIP network and server performance across a complete network.
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