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Datasheet: Visual Performance Manager Connex™

In today’s ever evolving network infrastructure, it’s important for IT organizations to have end-to-end business service visibility while building sustainable, repeatable best practices and processes. Visual Performance Manager’s integrated Performance Management Database (PMDB) is a highly scalable, rich data source that provides complete visibility and root cause analysis of end-user experience in both physical and virtual network environments.

Gateway to Visual Performance Manager’s Performance Management Database

This end-to-end business service visibility is correlated and analyzed within the PMDB, and can be leveraged by integrating into other ITSM platform initiatives such as Service Desk, IT and Business Dashboards, and CMDB components. The PMDB can also be leveraged through an Excel add-in that facilitates highly customizable performance reporting.

Bi Directional Integration of VPM Connex with IT Process Automation tools helps improve incident management and reporting

ITSM Initiatives

VPM Connex supports the bi-directional exchange of data from Visual Performance Manager with third party enterprise management systems which helps to support IT process automation. VPM Connex also provides intelligence for decision support, and assists in automation configuration management.

These capabilities help to improve IT efficiency and alignment, and assist IT organizations efforts to build sustainable, repeatable best practices and processes.

Three key components of data feeds from VPM Connex to ITSM platforms:

  • Event Automation
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Configuration Automation

Event Automation

  • Visual Performance Manager detects and analyzes performance degradations that impact end-users and forwards alarms to the service desk. VPM Connex provides context-sensitive entry back to Visual Performance Manager for additional root cause analysis
  • Alarms delivered by Visual Performance Manager are pre-filtered so as only high-value alarms are forwarded reducing overall Mean Time to Respond

VPM Connex reflects Visual Network Systems’ commitment to support the broader requirements of BSM in terms of assimilating information, automation and business impact.

Dennis Drogseth, Enterprise Management Associates

Dashboard Reporting

  • VPM Connex integration studio allows for customized executive reporting
  • Create a business service impact report for a management dashboard
  • Get specific metrics, to create reports based on any analytics measured by Visual Performance Manager

Configuration Automation

  • Align application, site, server, and business group definitions across application and network performance data
  • Automate provisioning for Visual Performance Manager to dynamically adapt to infrastructure changes

Custom Flexible Reporting

VPM Connex Excel Add-in allows access to data points from Visual Performance Manager, exported to Microsoft Excel to leverage Excels analytical and formatting capabilities.

This example shows the Service Delivery Dashboard portal, populated with data from Visual Performance Manager’s PMDB.

A view of Visual Performance Manager showing performance detail when drilling into an application.

This example shows the Service Delivery Dashboard portal, populated with data from Visual Performance Manager’s PMDB.

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