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Datasheet: Module - Select Service Summary

Included free with every Analysis Service Element (ASE), OmniPoint installation, and Select Software module
Select Service Summary Key Features:
  • Receive automatic analysis updates on the health of each network, application, or VoIP domain
  • Forward pro-active events to third party event consolidation tools for opening trouble tickets with the correct IT staff
  • Access summary status counts of network outages, errors, warnings and well-health indicators
  • Quickly check and identify problem domains, sites, ports and related circuits
  • Hone in on the most recent port and circuit events
  • Examine the status of individual ports across the past three days to accurately assess network health problems, trends and constraints
  • Establish port and circuit monitoring thresholds for network performance errors and warnings
  • Use troubleshooting modules to isolate and solve network performance issues


Included free with every Analysis Service Element (ASE), OmniPoint installation, and Select Software module, Service Summary lets you easily analyze and check network health by providing you a single-screen view of enterprise network, application, and VoIP performance within your TruView™ and Visual Performance Manager™. Understanding the real time health of your network, application and VoIP infrastructure is essential to operating your business. Select Service Summary removes the complexities of monitoring your entire network by collecting and filtering real time SNMP pro-active, customizable thresholds. Data is displayed in a simple, incisive format, enabling you to immediately identify trouble areas or potential conditions that may put your critical network resources and, ultimately, your business in jeopardy. This data can be forwarded to third party event consolidation tools and automated within your ITIL processes, creating tickets with the appropriate VoIP, Application, Network, or Administrator team members.


Figure 1

Get a complete, layer 1 through layer 7 view of performance on every port and circuit in your infrastructure. (click to view larger)


Assess Network Health in a Single Consolidated View
Knowing the operational state of ports and circuits is critically important. With Select Service Summary, determining the health of your network is just a click away. Performance analysis information for each network is rolled up and presented in weighted counters under service icons that succinctly indicate network outage conditions, performance errors, warnings of impending service- affecting problems and overall network health. Customize views to fit your key concerns. For example, for network health - choose best or worst; for time - choose most recent or least recent; and for status counts - go from higher to lower. Get additional details on each network by clicking on a displayed domain name or entering a domain name using the search function. You can get right to the network health problem at hand by navigating the expandable tree that depicts an entire network.



System Wide Notifications
With Select Service Summary, there are 4 groups of real time SNMP events that are available for your service desk operations teams to include administrative, up/down, and customizable, performance threshold events:
  1. Administrative- events that are related to the health of the system, like a "power outage" notification when your remote branch site has lost power, or a 'reboot' message on an Analyses Service Element.
  2. Physical Layer- The physical layer, or last mile, is often the toughest to identify whether there is a physical layer issue, like the customer edge router (CER) is hard down, but the circuit is still available, or are there indications of excessive physical layer errors, like BPVs, Errored Seconds, and Severally Errored Seconds, which all lead to Unavailable Seconds and poor layer one issues. Real time SNMP events will be presented when layer 1 is down, like the CER is down and the ASE is keeping the local loop available, or "up", until the CER comes back on. In addition to up/down, there are customizable pro-active monitoring events for layer one indicators of bad wire or fiber, which will be the first indicators of a poorly provisioned circuit.
  3. Port Layer- The port layer includes layer 2-3 showing up/down status as well as customizable pro-active monitoring events for bandwidth, bursting, application, CoS utilizations and usage with real time VoIP MoS score indicators, like poor calls, or concurrent call volumes. These notifications enhance the visibility and knowledge at each location.
  4. Circuit Layer- The end to end visibility is shown with up/down status between two remote locations, round trip times, packet delivery ratios, and availability will indicate that the service provider is having issues across the core MPLS network and a trouble ticket should be created.
With the Select Service Summary, you can traverse each component of the network by drilling down to uncover performance details. Associated status indicators self-update based on current conditions and weighted priority codes. From up and down status to administrative status to physical to bandwidth to port to VoIP and to end to end SLA measurements, all are available in real time and can be forward to your service desk for proper triage.



Pinpoint the Exact Health of Ports
The Select Service Summary graphically displays port-performance history for the past three days. Service-impacting conditions are highlighted so you can see when health problems occurred on the port and look for recurring patterns. Color coding priorities help you focus your attention directly where it's needed: red shows a failing port; orange denotes a performance error; yellow indicates a performance warning; and green reveals healthy port operations.



Tailor Thresholds and Rollups to Fit Your Business Needs
Your system administrator can customize thresholds based on error and warning conditions, applying higher or lower weightings to prioritize events. Exclusion settings can also be applied to network domains, sites, ports and circuits that affect rollups, enabling you to ignore known facilities that are scheduled for routine maintenance or taken out of service due to failure, upgrade or other reasons. Quickly identify degradation on your network before it impacts users or performance.



The Details
Service Summary (no SKU) is included, free, with every Analysis Service Element (ASE), OmniPoint installation, and Select Software module. Adding additional software modules allows for deeper integration with TruView and Visual Performance Manager and your service desk.


  Advanced MPLS Package
(SKU 01654)
Advance MPLS with Application Integrity
(SKU 01849)
Advanced MPLS with VoIP Integrity
(SKU 01923)
OmniPoint Element
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Service Summary Included
Network Troubleshooting
(SKU 01611)
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(SKU 01612)
Class of Service
(SKU 01614)
Traffic Capture (optional) (SKU 01613)
(SKU 01837)
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(SKU 01920)

*AppsIntegrity is the combination of AppFlows and AppSummary. AppSummary requires AppFlows.

**VoIP software module with OmniPoint only available on Analysis Service Elements


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