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Datasheet: Module - Select Class of Service

SKU 01614 Part Number 2666428
Select Service Summary Key Features:
  • Optimize application performance by monitoring CoS prioritization
  • Forward pro-active events to third party event consolidation tools for opening trouble tickets with the correct IT staff
  • Understand the impact of new applications and assign correct prioritization per application
  • Reduce the risk of poor performance by quickly identifying incorrectly prioritized applications
  • Measure and validate SLA parameters for each individual traffic class across the entire network
  • Improve performance of business-critical applications by ensuring utilization does not exceed CoS policing threshold levels


Manage and optimize private IP networks within TruView™ and Visual Performance Manager™ with pro-active network event notifications.

As enterprises start to optimize their private IP/MPLS-based IP VPNs, the Class of Service (CoS) feature becomes beneficial; by allowing you to set priorities and validate individual applications used on the network. For example, you can give the most business impacting or latency-sensitive applications higher priority utilizing a high priority CoS. However, you must monitor CoS usage to ensure you are not exceeding thresholds on your network and that you have the correct CoS setting on port hopping applications.

The Class of Service™ software module provides the critical visibility you need to manage and optimize CoS settings for private IP environments. Working in conjunction with other software modules, Select Class of Service helps you manage and fine tune application performance as well as validate SLAs for each traffic class.


Figure 1

View traffic classifications by IP Class of Service to prioritize applications. (click to view larger)


Track Applications for Each Traffic Class
Select Class of Service monitors and measures up to eight different traffic classes and tracks utilization for each application in each class. Now you can see how much bandwidth applications such as voice, video, Web, FTP and streaming are using for each class of service assigned. You also can determine which priority new applications should receive, as well as monitor their effect on existing applications.



Monitor Bandwidth Utilization
With private IP services, the service provider designates an amount of bandwidth or a threshold for each CoS setting. If the network becomes congested, or if utilization of any CoS goes above its threshold, prioritized traffic may be "policed" to best effort. This means mission critical, or time sensitive traffic, may drop to the lowest prioritization or be discarded. Select Class of Service lets you see the traffic in each traffic class, and track utilization of all classes above and below threshold levels. Such timely data helps you fine tune your CoS settings to assure the most important traffic gets the highest priority. You also can minimize the risk of exceeding thresholds.



Quickly Identify Incorrect Settings
With CoS, you can select which priority each application receives. Based on this priority, the router tags the IP header with the appropriate setting. If the tag is set incorrectly, the network will not recognize the class and will forward the traffic at the lowest priority. Select Class of Service highlights these incorrectly configured settings or applications not prioritized by displaying an "unknown" category. This capability helps you quickly locate the improper setting and improve application performance.



Manage SLAs for Every CoS Setting
Different applications have different characteristics and needs based on the enterprise. For example, VoIP is extremely sensitive to delay and jitter while email is not as time sensitive. Most enterprises would give VoIP a higher priority than e-mail. Since each class has a different priority, the service level metrics should also change based on the class setting. Utilizing the proactive, customizable thresholds will allow for proactive monitoring prior to your service desk receiving a call. The SLAs include Round Trip Delay, Availability, and Packet Delivery Ratio (based on actual traffic) per Class of Service configured.



The Details
Class of Service (SKU 01614) is typically sold as part of the standard, network bundle of a number of software bundles with every Analysis Service Element (ASE), OmniPoint installation, and Select Software module. Adding additional software modules allows for deeper integration with TruView and Visual Performance Manager and your service desk.


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*AppsIntegrity is the combination of AppFlows and AppSummary. AppSummary requires AppFlows.

**VoIP software module with OmniPoint only available on Analysis Service Elements


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