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Datasheet: Module - Select AppsIntegrity

(SKU 01837 AppFlows + SKU 01838 AppSummary = SKU 01843 AppsIntegrity, Part Number 2668386)
Select Service Summary Key Features:
  • Auto discover applications across your entire infrastructure
  • Forward proactive events to third party event consolidation tools for opening trouble tickets with the correct IT staff
  • Measure application performance trends to determine consumption of network resources
  • Identify new or rogue applications when they hit your network
  • Notifications of applications exceeding expected baseline utilization
  • Monitor application behavior by drilling down to individual servers
  • Pinpoint the cause of poor performance – network or servers – to immediately troubleshoot the exact problem



AppsIntegrity combines two powerful software modules (AppFlows and AppSummary) to take your network monitoring to a whole new level with server connect and server response time measurements, auto discovery of servers and rogue application on your network.

With AppsIntegrity, you can understand which applications is business critical, unauthorized and rogue on your entire network and the extent of their use. Auto discovery of applications and servers, along with extensive monitoring of server connect times and server response times, enables you to optimize application performance, keeping you in control of your infrastructure.


Figure 1

Select AppsIntegrity gives you the visibility to see application performance across your entire infrastructure – letting you quickly identify new applications and sectionalize issues between the network and the application servers. (click to view larger)


Identify and Monitor Applications
Select AppsIntegrity dynamically auto discovery applications, giving you a total view of application utilization across your network. A Web-based, graphical interface provides visibility into the applications used over the past four weeks and allows you to see new applications running on your network. Such detailed data helps you properly troubleshoot and manage your entire infrastructure (from Layers 1-7) and minimize potential problems that could degrade application performance.



Isolate and Segment Poor Response Times
Getting quickly to the source of performance issues can make the difference between a small inconvenience and a major business risk, such as lost productivity, lost revenue or even customer churn. Select AppsIntegrity collects and monitors performance for each application and server, providing concise performance views into these key resources. By measuring server connect times and server response times, you can quickly determine if poor performance is caused by network issues or server problems, and thereby reduce troubleshooting and resolution time.



Determine Application Utilization
New systems, new user communities, new application, and BYOD can choke the performance of existing business critical applications. Select AppsIntegrity quickly identifies when new applications are launched across the enterprise as well as when existing applications exceed established thresholds. You can quickly pinpoint poor application performance due to insufficient bandwidth or other issues, such as inadequate response time from improperly configured servers and network equipment.



Isolate Individual Application Servers
The extensive toolset within Select AppsIntegrity not only provides a network-wide view of application performance – it also enables you to drill down to see the performance of application servers. You can view utilization for individual applications, identify which clients and servers are using the most bandwidth and check specific server usage and response times. Determine if poor application performance is throughout an entire network, across a specific application or related to a single server. By sectionalizing the problem quickly, you can focus immediately on solving the issue and return application and network performance to optimal levels.



Locate Network Issues Quickly
Select AppsIntegrity has a single dashboard which is the first place to see events that may negatively impact your organization. The centralized console offers a single-screen view highlighting the top causes of poor performance including new applications, rogue applications and new servers. In addition, Select AppsIntegrity also tracks key performance metrics such as application usage, server usage, and server response. Armed with this intelligence, users can optimize proactive planning and troubleshooting efforts by honing in on those key applications and servers that may require immediate attention.



The Details (SKU 01843 AppsIntegrity, Part number 2668386)
AppsIntegrity (SKU 01843) is typically sold as an enhancement to the Network software modules with every Analysis Service Element (ASE), OmniPoint installation, and Select Software modules. AppFlows combines with AppSummary to create AppsIntegrity, which acts as a real time and historical software module for auto discovery of all your applications in real time. Combine this package with the "Advanced MPLS Package" and you have a bridge between the network and the application. Adding additional software modules allows for deeper integration with TruView and Visual Performance Manager and your service desk.


  Advanced MPLS Package
(SKU 01654)
Advance MPLS with Application Integrity
(SKU 01849)
Advanced MPLS with VoIP Integrity
(SKU 01923)
OmniPoint Element
(SKU 02224)
(SKU 02226)
Service Summary Included
Network Troubleshooting
(SKU 01611)
Back in Time
(SKU 01612)
Class of Service
(SKU 01614)
Traffic Capture (optional) (SKU 01613)
(SKU 01837)
(SKU 01843)
(SKU 01920)

*AppsIntegrity is the combination of AppFlows and AppSummary. AppSummary requires AppFlows.

**VoIP software module with OmniPoint only available on Analysis Service Elements


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