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Carrollton Case Study

NETSCOUT’ OptiView® XG Helps Carrollton City Schools Identify and Understand How To Fix Network and Application Issues

Carrollton City Schools had routine network and application issues across its sites, yet lacked the appropriate tools to truly understand and fix the problems. What monitoring software it did have would alert the IT team of trouble, but not identify the specific problem or recommend solutions. As a result, the IT team often spent weeks or months chasing down and solving network and application issues. Complicating matters, the district was in the process of creating a BYOD environment, and the inability to pinpoint issues threatened to lose support from administrators and staff for the new capability.

The district IT department selected the NETSCOUT OptiView XG to provide the deep insight and analysis needed to quickly identify and solve its network and application performance challenges. The dedicated network analysis tablet not only provides both a complete system overview and detailed information on particular issues, but recommends the changes and solutions necessary to improve performance. In fact the IT group is now eliminating its other monitoring tools, because the OptiView XG does everything they can do, and more.

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