Case Study: Bosch Group Case Study | NETSCOUT

Bosch Group

Bosch Group Automates Network and Application Analysis by Standardizing on NETSCOUT’ OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet

The Bosch Group has 40 locations throughout its Southwest region in Germany. The sites are networked and supported by seven managers from two different locations. Unfortunately, like many IT teams, managers are overburdened and armed with a variety of complex tools that make the network troubleshooting process cumbersome and tedious. To streamline the work, increase collaboration and speed problem resolution, the company needed a new, single integrated solution for network and application analysis.

The Bosch Group standardized worldwide on NETSCOUT'S OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet, and has already reduced troubleshooting time by at least two-thirds. In addition, they can now constantly monitor all networks and applications remotely, and collaborate with other managers around the world using the tablet. Finally, when new site acquisitions occur, the team used to spend close to a week trying to inventory the new network. Now, with the OptiView XG, a manager can head into the field with the tablet and do a complete inventory in one day.

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